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Many of us go to the gym twice or thrice a week. Some people go to the gym just to remove laziness from the body. Some people are more serious about it and every day goes there before or after their work. It is also possible that you are just planning to go there and wondering what on earth you should wear to the gym. You must be thinking a wrong decision can embarrass you in front of all your fellow gym members!

The gym is not a place of style but it’s more important to wear the proper attire at the gym. Proper workout clothes will give you confidence and increase your courage at the gym. Here I will help you to choose the proper workout attire.

Things to wear while working out at the gym

Here, I will discuss some clothes that you should wear at the gym and why they are important:

Comfort is the key factor

You might have a gym idol and you like all they wear at the gym. They might look stylish and attractive but not comfortable. You surely don’t want to wear something uncomfortable and pull your dress here and there to adjust it! This act can de-motivate your workout. So, it is important that you feel comfortable moving with ease.

Don’t get distracted by the marketing in online advertisements. Here social media influencers promote their gym outfits. Workout outfits don’t have to be costly, they have to be comfortable.

Gym tops 

Gym tops are the point where most people do their mistakes. They often fail to choose the right gym top. Most of them think an old cotton T-shirt will be enough with new joggers for workouts – but sadly, that’s not right. Cotton is a very poor option as working out cloth fabric. Cotton soaks your sweat as soon as you start sweating. After a while, you will start feeling like you are wearing a heavy jacket. After a while, it will start showing stains outside which is something that you will not love to see.

You might have started wondering what you should wear! You can go for a T-shirt, tank, a sleeve tee, or even go for a long-sleeved top, fabric is the key factor here. You can wear any of the dresses but always remember, the fabric must be a water-wicking one. It pulls moisture away and keeps you dry and fresh. It can cost a little extra than your regular cotton tops. But it will keep you dry and they are easy to wash and they dry very fast. There is an extra benefit of it also; you will look stylish on it.

Another important thing is it’s never good to wear an oversized top at the gym. You will look smaller than you are. It can de-motivate you while you work out.

Gym bottoms 

So, when you got the proper gym top, now it’s time to choose the proper gym bottoms. What is your choice of gym bottoms, workout leggings, sweatpants, or shorts? 

I think it should depend on your mood and weather. The priority should be moving without restriction and feeling good while you wear it. You might want to avoid jersey shorts. Because they show perspiration stains and they are too unflattering. There’s not much to say about this but I will suggest, never following the trend. It will draw the attention of others and show that you are trying too hard to look good.


Before you choose a shoe just because it looks good and trendy, it’s important to try on some shoes. do it until you find one that feels right and comfortable. Wear them one by one and walk around the store and jump up and down. Don’t feel shy; it is what you are going to do with the shoes on at the gym.

The right shoe will provide you stability, motion control, and cushioning when you run or walk in them. According to the size and shape of your feet, you might need a different size arch.

Cross-trainer-type shoes are very famous. They are famous among gym people who go occasionally to the gym. These types of shoes will give you flexibility, cushioning, and lateral support. You can use them for regular use at the gym also if you want to. A small tip for you, never out your sweaty sock with dry clothes. Put them in the gym bag for wet clothes and bring them back home for washing.

Sports Bras

A regular gym-going woman knows the necessity of a good quality sports bra. It provides support and minimizes excessive movements. The bra should be made from cotton and some breathable material like Lycra mesh. This helps sweat to evaporate and keeps odor away. 

You must try several bras to find the accurate fit for you. You can also run and jump to find out which bra gives you the maximum support. But keep one thing in mind, the bra should give you support. It should not restrict your movement and bra straps should not dig into your shoulder either. 


You must choose a high-quality sock that won’t slip while you are running or busy lifting weight. Never take it for granted and wear any worn-out old ordinary socks at the gym. The elastics of those socks can slip and distract you.

Choose white or gray color socks so that your feet can breathe. Too thick or too thin socks are not suitable for workouts. You can look for socks made from acrylic or acrylic blend. This material doesn’t retain sweat and moisture which you will find in wool and cotton. Retaining sweat and moisture can cause blisters and other foot problems.


After going through the whole article, you already know the basics of gym clothes. Now you could decide what you should wear when working out at the gym. Workout attires are not our regular day-to-day attires. They are quite different and that’s because you need your body parts to move freely. And you can only move freely when you feel comfortable in your clothes. So, choose whatever is appropriate for your type of workout but keep those standards in your mind. So, what are you waiting for?

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