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It becomes quite tricky when you are a gym freak and you are about to go on a trip. You have to make a decision whether you are going to pack light or take two weeks’ worth of clothes. 

In my opinion, it is better to pack half and do some laundry work on your trip. Knowing some tricks about washing your clothes can help you pack light and move freely on the roads. Here, I will show you some ways to wash your workout clothes while travelling so that you don’t have to stop your workouts and still look and smell fresh and good.

Washing Workout Clothes When Travelling

Let’s discuss some techniques for washing your workout clothes when you are travelling:

Separate the Clean Clothes From the Dirty Ones

Separate the Clean Clothes From the Dirty Ones

It is hard to avoid workouts even on travelling days when you are very health conscious or a gym freak! Sometimes on your travel days, you will not have enough time to wash your workout clothes. During those times, you must separate your sweaty gym clothes from the sweaty ones otherwise they will also become smelly and dirty. One separate laundry bag or any synthetic bag can easily help you out in this condition.

The same thing goes for clothes that may get wet in rain or on the beach. Putting the wet and dry clothes together can make your luggage damp and smelly. For that reason, a sealable waterproof bag is a suitable option.

Wash Your Workout Clothes With Your Hands

Washing your clothes by hand may seem very boring but this can be very useful when you are on a journey. Here are some simple tricks that you can apply:

Use your sink or bathtub as a laundry basin: Some small motels on the highways don’t have laundry facilities. In that case, your sink or bathtub can be very useful and you can use them as your laundry basin. 

Before using your basin, make sure you clean it properly. To avoid any hairs, toothpaste or anything like that on your clothes, keep a close look at the basin. Now you can close the waterway of the basin and fill it with some water and apply some detergent to it. After that, put your workout clothes there and wait for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, rub the clothes with your hand and then let the soapy water go. Apply some fresh water to the clothes and make sure the soapy water goes away. 

If you are worried about space in your luggage, you can always carry some travel-size detergent with you.

Use a wash bag: Travelling into the wilds or camping may not always offer you suitable living places. In those cases when basins are also not available, there is another option for travellers and workout freaks like us. Yes, I am talking about wash bags. 

Wash bags are designed for people who love camping or trekking. You can also call them portable washing machines. Campers and long-term travellers find it very useful. 

You just need to throw your sweaty and dirty workout clothes into the bag with water and detergent. Now, all you need to do is just rub the bag for a couple of minutes and then rinse the dirty water and fill it with clean water and rub it again. Now take out your clothes and hang them up to dry. These bags are very light in weight and their foldable option makes them very easy to carry in your backpack also.

Washing Your Workout Clothes on the Beach

Washing Your Workout Clothes on the Beach
Some camp lovers asked me the same question: how can they wash their workout clothes while camping on the beach? That was quite simple I guess. On the beach side, you don’t have any shortage of water. All you need to do is just take your gym clothes out, pour some detergent on the wet clothes and rub them. After rubbing, clean them with fresh water.

While cleaning your workout clothes in seawater, you need to know one thing; there might be a very minimum amount of foam from the detergent. The reason is the salt water of the sea. But don’t worry; your clothes will be clean like fresh water cleaning.

Find a Highway Laundry

Find a Highway Laundry

This option is applicable when you are travelling for a shorter period of camping somewhere beside a highway or some locality. When your trip is short, you can pack 2 sets of workout clothes with you. When one set becomes dirty and sweaty, just pack it inside a sealable bag and find laundry on the highway on your route. Usually, you can find them beside any gas station. Leave the clothes there for cleaning and collect them when you come back.
You can do the same thing while camping. Let them clean and dry in the laundry if you find it boring to clean your gym suits.

Carry Portable Clotheslines

Carry Portable Clotheslines

This is a very important laundry travel gear for camping trips especially. These clotheslines are very easy to carry and they will take up a very small space inside your travel bag. 
These lines are very easy to use. Just tie both ends on tree branches. There are clips to secure your clothes from flying away in the air. Just hang your clothes on them to dry. You may find it not that necessary but when you are a gym freak and need to wash workout clothes regularly and dry them also, it can be very handy.

Final Thought

I know laundry day is not so pleasant for all of us especially when you are travelling but it is very much necessary when the workout is a part of your daily routine. 
You can do this laundry work quite easily and comfortably when you have the right gears and also you know the tricks. When you apply them properly, you will always have clean and dry clothes for your workouts every time no matter how far or wherever you are travelling.  

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