How to Wash a Polyester Gym Bag – Outlook Idea

A gym bag is like the best buddy for a person who loves to work out in the gym. a gym bag is very essential to achieve your fitness goals. Sometimes, you might also use this bag for other reasons rather than the gym. Doing that might make your gym bag dirty and full of bacteria.

We put our wet and sweaty gym clothes and trouser also inside the gym bag. Even we put our gym shoes inside it. Those sweaty and damp things might make our gym bag dam and smelly like our sweat. Though you have a gym bag for wet clothes, you also need to wash that. All these reasons point a finger towards cleaning the gym bag after a sensible period.

In this article, I am going to show you some easy steps to clean your gym bag made of polyester.

Washing a Polyester Gym Bag

You may find it hard to wash workout clothes or gym bags. Here are some simple techniques for cleaning your nylon gym bag to make it easier:

Are polyester gym bags washable?

Gym bags can be made from various fabrics and materials. Polyester is very common among those fabrics. Most gym bags these days are made from either polyester or nylon. When it comes to cleaning, many people wanted to know, whether can they wash their polyester-made gym bags or not.

I say yes. Polyester-made gym bags are washable. You can wash polyester gym bags both in the washing machine and by hand. But remember to avoid harsh industrial chemicals or detergents to wash a polyester gym bag.

Wash it With a Washing Machine

Washing your polyester-made gym bag with a washing machine is a very convenient way to clean it. But if your washing machine is an automatic one, then it’s better to avoid washing the bag in it. You need to modify some features of the machine before you wash the bag. So, it’s possible when you only have a manual feature in it.

Before you start washing your polyester-made gym bag, make sure it’s 100% pure polyester or not. If it’s not a pure one, then you have to change your way of washing. To be sure about this information, you can take help from the user manual or from the labels that are attached to the gym bag.

Now when you are sure about the material, you can put the gym bag in the washing machine. Warm water is best for washing polyester bags. Hot water can damage the fabric of the bag by shrinking it. Hot water will also make the fabric weak and its lasting period may decrease. You can also use cold water to wash but warm water is best for removing dirt and odor. Manual washing machines allow you to control the temperature of the water. Now, put some detergents in the machine. You can use any heavy-duty detergents to wash your gym bag. But you must avoid those industrial-use detergents to keep your gym bag safe from damage. You can easily find some sports detergents in the market and they are useful to clean your polyester gym bags.

Another important thing I forgot to tell you earlier, while you put your gym bag in the washing machine, always make it inside out. There are two reasons behind it. First of all, all the dirt and dampness happens mostly in the inner parts. Secondly, the metal zipper or any bolts attached to the bag can get stuck with the washing machine and cause some damage.

Always set the spin speed of the washing to low while you wash a polyester gym bag. A high-speed washing machine can damage the fabric later.

Now it comes to drying the gym bag. Never dry your polyester gym bag in the washing machine. There is a safe and efficient way of drying these bags. Just rinse the water and hang it in the air and let it dry like that. In that way, your gym bag will last longer and as we know, natural air and sunlight help to remove odor from wet fabrics.

Washing the polyester gym bag with bare hands

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a washing machine. Not having a machine doesn’t mean you will not wash your gym bag! You just have to have either a basin, a sink, or even a bathtub that can be useful for it.

At first, seal the exit point of the basin with a cap. Now feel the basin with some fresh water and put some detergent in the water. Make the bag inside out, soak it completely in the water, and keep it like that for about 20 minutes. After that rub, the bags’ fabric with your hand nicely, and then remove the cap from the basin and let go of all the water. Now, wash the bag with fresh water to remove soapy water and foams from the bag. Now rinse all the water from the gym bag and for drying, just hang it in the air.

If you ask me, there is no better way to wash your synthetic gym bag than washing it with your hands. In this process, there is a very least chance of damaging your bag and it will last longer.

Wash in the Laundry

If you don’t want to wash your gym bag on your own or you don’t have that much time to wash it at home, just go for the professionals. Find a laundry around your house and give them your bag to wash it carefully. While you give them your bag, don’t forget to mention that it is polyester made.

Disinfect or Remove Odor

After you wash your polyester gym bag, there might be no bacteria or odor could leave behind. But if you are still not satisfied, there is another way. There are some disinfectants with nice flavor available in the market. Just buy any of them and spray that inside your polyester gym bag after you wash and dry it. it will both work as a disinfectant and de-odourise.

Final Thought

When you are a gym enthusiast, then you must be well aware of your health and hygiene. A dirty or smelly gym bag can never be a thing that you might want to carry to the gym. so, it’s necessary to clean your gym bag from time to time.
A polyester gym bag needs to be washed carefully. You must follow washing instructions otherwise you may damage your favorite gym bag. I hope the above information will be helpful to you and have a clean and clear gym journey with your fresh gym bag.

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