How to wash padded Bras by Hand

Hello ladies! Looks like you are getting a hard time in your laundry days. Don’t worry; we are always there for you with a nice solution.

Washing bras regularly is very important. When it comes to hygiene, women should not compromise even a little. Even a few years back, we women hesitated a lot to ask for favors about our inner wears. Time has changed a lot and now it’s time to move on from our hesitations.

Only a woman can understand the importance of a clean and fresh padded bra. Many of you asked me about the process of cleaning a padded bra in the right way. In this following article, I am going to tell you about that.

Washing padded bras by hand

Here, I am going to show you the proper way of washing padded bras by hand and something more that you should know:

How often you should wash bras

That is a very important question. You must know the answer. In general, it’s always good to wash your inners daily. Because they have direct contact with our body parts. As those body parts have some curves, they sweat a little extra than usual. So, that’s very natural for bras to get damp and smelly.

To remove this dampness and smell from your bra, it’s better to clean them after every time you wear them. But sometimes it’s not possible to wash clothes every day because of our busy schedule. Don’t worry, there’s a solution to that problem also. You can use different bras every day and keep them in a mesh laundry bag and put them aside in your laundry room. You can wash them all together at weekends.

Remember one thing; it’s better to keep your bras separate from other clothes.

There’s another thing if you work out or go to the gym every day, then you can have other options. Your sports bras can soak a lot of sweat. That’s why it’s good to wash them after every workout session. When you wash workout clothes, you can wash your sports bra at the same time.

Why hand washing bras is efficient

As we all know, there are two ways of washing bras. First, you can wash them in the washing machine. Second, you can wash them with your hands.

Now, most women ask about the most efficient way of washing. Experts say hand washing is always more efficient than machine washing. Now, I will tell you why.

There are some drawbacks to washing padded bras in a machine. You cannot leave your bras straight into the drum. Bra straps can make a mess inside there while rotating. There is a great chance that you may damage your favorite bra by washing them openly inside the machine. You need to have a lingerie bag or mesh bag to put your bras inside them. You can put all your bras inside that bag and only then it’s safe to put them in the washing machine. Some of you may not have enough patience to do this. When you are washing your bras by hand, you don’t need to have any bags. That is one reason why manually washing by hand is efficient.

A high rotating cycle of a washing machine can damage the soft fabrics of your padded bras. So, you have to wash them in a delicate cycle. Some washing machines don’t have manual options. So, why take chances when the other option doesn’t need these requirements? That’s another reason for the efficiency of hand washing.

Doing your laundry work by your own hand can help you in other ways. Washing with your hands needs some physical activities. These physical activities help to remove laziness from body.

So, considering all these facts, we can easily say hand washing is really more efficient than machine washing.

Process of hand wash padded bras

Following some simple steps can make this task easier for you. Below, I will show you those steps:

1. Read the label


Before you start washing your bras, you must read the label with the bra. Just look for any special instructions for that particular piece of the bra. Sometimes, some bras cannot hold on to hot water. That’s why it’s always important to read the label first.

2. Use cold water

Now, it’s time to fill the sink or tub with some fresh cold water. Padded bras cannot hold onto hot water. They can lose their shape there. But you can use lukewarm water for washing bras.

Some workout bras get so drenched with sweat. They need to be washed in hot water. You can have two buckets. Fill one of them with cold water and another with hot. Now, read the label and choose the right bras that can hold on to hot or warm water. Be careful, there are some workout tops with built in bras, never wash them with water that is too hot. Use cool water to wash them. Most sports bras prefer to be hand washed with lukewarm water or cool water.

3. Mix detergent with water

Now mix some laundry detergent in the water and mix them properly with your hands until you see some foams are creating. Now, soak your bras in that soapy water and keep them like that for at least 20 minutes.

Precaution: be careful while using the detergent. Always go for a mild detergent. It’s obvious that you shouldn’t use a detergent to wash your bras which you use to wash a gym bag. Or the amount of the detergent will not be the same. Never use too much detergent.

There are some hard industrial detergents available in the market. Never use them to wash bras. Some experts advise using baby shampoo for washing padded bras.

4. USE a lingerie bag (optional)

This part is totally optional. You can avoid it if you want. Some ladies use this mesh lingerie bag to wash bras in the washing machine. When you are about to hand wash your bras along with other clothing, this mesh bag can come in handy then. Put all your bras inside that mesh laundry bag and let them soak in the soapy water. In that case, you may need to soak your bras a bit longer than usual.

5. RUBBING and washing

After 20 minutes of soaking the bras, rub the bras gently. Go for one cup, rub it to remove dirt, and then go for another cup. After rubbing, remove all the dirty water and fill the tub with fresh water again. Wash the bras again with fresh water to remove any remaining soap water.

Now, hang them till they rinse all the water.

6. Use vinegar and fabric softener

You can add vinegar to the water while mixing the detergent. Vinegar can remove the damp sweaty smell from your bras. That’s totally optional. If you don’t like vinegar, just avoid it.

Fabric softener is a very good thing for your padded bras. Mix it with the water before soaking. It will keep the softness of your bras intact.

7. Dry them in the air

Now, gently squeeze the cups to rinse the excess water. After rinsing all the extra water, hang them in the open air or on a drying rack for drying. Air dry is the only option for drying bras. Because dryer can damage the original shape of your padded bras. It can also make the fabric shrink.

These are the all steps of washing bras by hand. One more extra tip, don’t wash your colorful bras with white ones. Try to separate the white colors from the dark colors.


Padded bras are very comfortable to wear. As a woman, you already know the importance of them. You also know the necessity of maintaining hygiene. Bras need to be washed in a proper way. Otherwise, they won’t last long.

As we saw hand washing is the most efficient way, just go for it. That’s very simple and easy to do. Wash bras regularly and stay clean and fresh.

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