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One day I was getting ready for my gym and suddenly I smelled something bad. I found that the smell was from my workout pant and T-shirt. I was so surprised because I cleaned them yesterday after my workout session.

Most of the gym people have faced such a situation I am sure about it. After I faced that, I have done a lot of research on removing sweat odor from gym clothes. Washing them properly is not the only thing you need to do to remove the sweat smell. Here I am going to give you some useful tips that I have found in my research about removing the sweat smell from gym clothes.

Getting the sweat smell out of the gym clothes

In the following article, we are going to show you some tips and tricks about removing the sweat smell from gym clothes:

Always Dry Your Gym Clothes Before Tossing Them in the Tamper

What do you exactly do after coming home from a sweaty workout session? Let me guess, you just roll your clothes like a ball and throw them in the hamper, take a shower and have some protein shake. Or you can also have some ice creams as I do! Or you can just be too ambitious and wash and clean your gym gears right away! You might think washing away the fresh sweat from your clothes may clean them properly.

Trust me; this is a wrong concept. If you do so, there is a huge chance that the bacteria remain in the clothes because they don’t wash away. So, you might ask what are you supposed to do! Just let the sweaty gym clothes hang and dry them in the air or sun. In this process, the mold growth will be restricted and you will be able to avoid the smell.

Turn your Gym Clothes Inside Out

Actually, you cannot blame your clothes for being smelly. Your gym clothes are not really responsible for the smell, you are! Bacteria that cause odor, come from our body oil, skin cells, and sweat. After that, it transfers from our bodies to our clothes.

In the previous tricks, I told you to hang and air dry your gym clothes. Now apply another trick with that. Just turn those inside-out ways. Because the sweat actually touches that side. Do the same while washing your clothes also.  By doing that you are helping the water and detergent to access the source of the smell (which is your sweat) and help them to wash the sweat away.

Soak Your Gym Clothes in Vinegar Before Washing

Vinegar is one of my favorite natural ingredients and that is not only for cooking but also for its cleaning ability. Don’t trust me? Just follow my instructions once and you will see the magic!

After you have dried your gym clothes in the air, now this trick comes before you put them in the laundry. Just fill your sink with vinegar and water. The ratio will be 1:5. Which means 1 portion of vinegar and 5 portions of water. Now soak your gym clothes in this magic potion for 30 minutes and when the time is over, just throw them for washing. You don’t need to worry about the smell of vinegar either, the detergent will wipe it out easily.

Choose Your Detergent Wisely

Most of the time while washing our gym clothes, we make a very common mistake. Do you know what that is? We actually don’t use the proper detergent or proper amount of detergent while washing our gym clothes.

Most of us think that adding an extra amount of detergent will clean our gym clothes more and will remove the odor easily. Ok, now here’s the problem. Adding an extra amount of detergent doesn’t mean it can remove the odor. It can leave residue on your gym clothes and will not help you with the smell. Adding extra detergent may cause your clothes to smell like detergent also. And I am sure, you will not love to smell like detergent also!

So, what is the solution to this problem? There are a lot of sports detergents available in the market. You can apply them in your gym clothes to smell out the sweat. The amount you need to apply is written in the packet. I hope these detergents will give you a better result.

Wash in Hot Water

The best way to remove bacteria and smell clean and fresh is to wash your gym clothes with hot water. But you need to be careful. Look for the instructions on the clothing tag and if they say no to hot water, avoid this trick. Otherwise, hot water is the best way to remove odor and eliminate bacteria from your gym clothes.

Avoid Heat

Confused? Earlier I recommended you to use hot water and now I am saying avoid the heat! Let me make this clear, I am talking about the heat of the washing machine or dryer.

Did you forget that the sun also gives us heat? Sunlight contains UV rays that kill the bacteria as well. And fresh air will help your gym clothes to smell fresh. On the other hand, the washing machines and dryers’ heat can stretch your gym clothes like your leggings or sports bra. That means sunlight and fresh air drying is a better option and in this way, your gym clothes will remain fresh and will last for a long time. That means it’s a win-win situation for all as it is also good for the environment.


Working out may be hard and tough but washing your gym clothes is not that hard actually. No one loves to smell sweaty and feel damp inside their gym clothes. But unfortunately, we make some mistakes with our gym clothes and that causes us to fall into some embarrassing situations.

I have come up with a decision after long research and found those tricks which I have described above for all of you. I am already enjoying the benefits of them and my gym clothes don’t smell sweaty anymore. You just follow the steps and I am sure you will succeed to get the sweat smell out of your gym clothes easily.

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