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If you are reading this article, that means you are well aware of your laziness. But seems like now you are trying to overcome this situation and want to be more active and energetic. It also shows that you couldn’t find a proper way to achieve this on your own.

Don’t worry; I will assist you to achieve the goal. First I want to congratulate you. Because you have already taken the first step on your own. do you know how? By finding your problem and searching for its solution. I will guide you to the next steps but trust me; you need to walk on those steps on your own and there lies the real success.

Removing Laziness from Your Body and Mind

Here are some reasons for laziness and the ways to overcome it and become proactive:

Reasons of Laziness

If you want to overcome laziness, at first you need to know the reasons for laziness. From the perspective of some specialists, there are two main reasons for laziness. They are inactiveness of body and mind and other one is lack of interest.

Let’s look at a bicycle. If we don’t use a bicycle for a long time, what happens to it? The whole procedure works with breaks, chains, gears, paddles, etc. When we don’t use them for long, they get rust. Without proper oiling them, we cannot run them.  Our body and mind are just like that bicycle. If we don’t use our minds actively and don’t exercise or work regularly, they also get rust on them. We will start losing the power to work or think in the right way. We start to feel lazy and dizzy.

Let’s discuss the second reason now. Suppose, you have to get up early today for your college. That’s why you need to wake up early. But you are feeling lazy. It’s because you have a lack of interest in going to college. But if you have to get ready for going on a road trip with friends, you might not feel that lazy. That’s because you have an interest in going on road trips. Here’s my point. Interest! Laziness comes to the work in which you don’t have much interest. It means a lack of interest in doing certain things is also a cause of laziness.

Effects of Laziness

Some people say when you are not willing to spend your energy, that’s called laziness. But that’s not true at all. When you have a lacking of energy, then you feel lazy. So, there’s no point in saving energy when you don’t have any. Here are some effects of laziness:

  1. Mental cunctation or breakdown
  2. Poor and weak health
  3. Lack of productivity and efficiency
  4. This leads to the habit of delaying any pending works
  5. Difficulty to memorize things

Steps to Overcome Laziness

As I have mentioned above, there are two main reasons for laziness. So, if you want to overcome laziness and become active, you have to understand both the cause. Then deal with it right from today.

Use your body and mind more often. Engage yourself in regular exercise and more activities. For example, sports, gym, dancing, etc. These will make your body active. Like the same, start reading more books and start brainstorming. You can play brain games like Sudoku or start writing blogs on different topics. These activities will make your brain active.

Start doing more work that you feel interesting and that must be productive work. But never stop doing the work you don’t like to do. Start finding a way to make those less interesting works more interesting. in that way, you will love doing those. For example, if you don’t like to go for a walk but love to hang out with friends, make a friend where you go walking. When you will have a friend there, you will love to walk with him/her. Besides these activities, here are some tips for you. These will remove laziness from your body and mind and become more active:

Exercise Daily

Don’t think I am only talking about physical exercise; it’s about mental exercise also. Both the exercises are essential to becoming active. Start doing physical exercise regularly. After some days you will start to feel more energized and active. Engage yourself in some works that need your full attention and concentration. It will make your mind active.

Morning Walk

Morning is the time when you have the purest air. Make a habit of waking up early in the morning and walking at least 3o minutes every day. Every doctor suggests that make this habit. Walking is the best exercise one can do. It will increase the blood flow in your vessels and keep your heart in a good condition. That means it’s a great way to keep your body fit.

Starting your day in nature will freshen your mind and soul. This helps you set a positive mindset towards every situation for all day long. It means, that walking in the morning helps you to remove laziness from your mind also.

Drink Water

Drinking water is a proven technique to overcome laziness. If you stay well-hydrated, you will start feeling energetic. This will reduce your laziness. But avoid drinking soft drinks and too much caffeine content drinks like tea & coffee.

Wash Your Face and Back of the Neck

Pour some fresh cool water on your face after you wake up from sleep in the morning. Give a splash of water in your eyes also. You will start feeling fresh and energetic.

Whenever you feel sleepy or dizzy, do the same thing over and over. When you feel like lying on the bed to take some rest, wash your face and eyes like that. Rub your wet hand on the back of your neck. Or you can soak a towel with water and hold that onto your neck for some time. You will instantly feel fresh and energetic.

Eat Fruits Every Day

Sound health is the key to a sound mind. Fruits have various vitamins that keep your health sound and active. Try to have at least an apple every day.

Stay Clean and Fresh

Always try to stay clean and fresh. Not just clean yourself, but also clean your surroundings. A clean and well-organized environment helps to focus on your vision. Without a proper vision, it’s hard to achieve something. Try something different every day for example, wash workout clothes today and clean your room tomorrow. It will keep your mind fresh and remove laziness from body.

Maintain a Proper Diet

It’s very important to maintain a proper diet if you want to have an active body and mind. Eating a lot of junk food can make your body lazy and dull. An unhealthy food habit can lead you to obesity and unwanted fats will start to grow inside you. All these things can make your body weak. And an unhealthy body leads you to a weak mind.

Make sure your daily meal has fruits, vegetables, milk, and other healthy and fresh foods. You can consult with a dietician about proper or healthy food habits or diet charts.

Set Challenging Goals

Set the goal that you must achieve. Just one thing in your mind, the goal must be challenging. Easy goals don’t require much energy. Challenging goals will require energy. While going toward the goal you will discover the road of it is so much beautiful. What you achieve after hard work, gives you the ultimate pleasure and happiness. 

Make a Daily Routine for Every Day

Everything in the universe is going as per schedule that’s why this world is so beautiful. Plan your next day and write down it on paper. Follow the routine and at the end of the day calculate which work you were not able to do. Motivate yourself and make a promise to yourself that you will definitely finish it the next day. But without changing the next day’s existing schedule. For example, you had to wash a gym bag today but you didn’t; though tomorrow is not your laundry day you must wash that gym bag.

Sound Sleep

Sound sleep is very important. You must have a sound sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day (or according to your age time is variable). It gives you energy and freshens your mind. Avoid electronic gadgets like cell phones or computers before you go to sleep. Sound sleep helps to remove laziness from the mind as well as your body.


Meditation is such a thing that helps you to focus. It allows you to spend time with yourself. In this process, you come to know yourself in a better way. It also gives rest to your body and relaxes it. Try to do meditation for at least 15 minutes every day. It will also increase your productivity. 


In the end, I want to say one thing again. To remove laziness from your body and mind, you should concentrate on the main causes of it. All you need is just try to overcome those conditions. And you will automatically overcome laziness. 

Make a healthy day-to-day routine and follow that. Trust me, you will feel active and stay fresh all day long.

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