How to Wash Socks and Keep Them Soft

Looks like someone is having trouble washing the pair of socks! Don’t worry, it happens. I used to have trouble too. I have lost and damaged a number of pairs. Actually, it gets trickier when things become smaller. Washing a pair of socks is one of those things. When you also want to keep them soft, you should handle them more carefully.

I am sure; none of you wants to throw your socks after only a couple of washes. After so many attempts and research, finally I found some best methods of washing socks and keeping them soft. From this article, you will be able to figure them out.

Washing Socks and Keeping Them Soft

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss why socks are so important and two different methods of washing them properly. We will also look forward to the way of keeping them soft:

Why Socks are Important

Socks are maybe smaller in size but they are pretty useful. We use socks for various purposes in our day-to-day life. The very first and most important reason is to keep our feet warm. 

Using the right pair of socks according to your need is important. One of my friends was looking for the workout socks for women. She had no idea about the variety of socks and finally, she came up buying a pair of woollen socks. That pair is never suitable for her workouts. 

Socks protect our feet from getting hurt. They protect our feet and skin from damage. Socks soak and wick sweat from our feet and keep them hydrated. So, you cannot ignore the importance of a pair of socks. Likely so, you must know about the techniques of washing them properly. 

Methods of Washing Socks

There are two main methods or ways of washing socks;

  1. Washing in the washing machine 
  2. Washing by hands.

You are free to choose any of the methods. Both are efficient and effective. It’s up to you which one you are going to apply for. I am describing both of the methods here:

1. Washing in the Washing Machine

It’s quite easy to wash your dirty socks in the washing machine. Besides that, it takes less time and effort to wash them. Follow these simple steps:

  • At first take the inside part out. Most of the sweat and dirt lie on the inside part of the socks. Turning them inside out will help you to clean them properly.
  • Now, tie the same pair of socks together. You must be wondering why. Let me explain, you don’t have to search for them between other clothes after washing. Pairs will stick together.
  • Don’t put your socks alone in the washing machine. If they are alone, the spin of the water and the rotating blades can make the socks lose fitting.
  • When you have a number of socks to wash, just put them inside a mesh bag and put them in the machine. The fabric and the elasticity will remain intact through this process.
  • Now, put some mild detergent into the washing machine. Don’t use heavy-duty detergents. They can damage your socks. I always use a similar detergent to wash my socks which I use to wash workout clothes.
  • Make sure the rotating spin of your washing machine is set to the minimum. A higher spin can damage the elasticity of your socks and your socks will become loose.
  • When you finish your washing, let them dry in the dryer. But be careful, excessive heat can also damage your socks.

That’s all you about washing socks in a washing machine. There are some precautions you must follow. I will discuss them later in the article. They are the same for both machine washing and washing by hand.

2. Washing Socks by Hand

Doing your laundry by your hand is always the best option. That’s also true in terms of washing your socks. If you want to last your socks for a long then this is the best option. The process of washing socks by hand is as similar as washing workout clothes or nylon gym bags. Let’s take a look at the process again:

  • Fill a tub or a bucket or a sink with fresh water. The water can be cold or warm.
  • Now put some mild detergent in the water and mix it with your hands and make some foam.
  • Now, soak your socks there. Keep them like that for at least 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, take the socks in your hand and rub them with each other to clean them properly. I forget to mention one thing, before you put them in the water, turn them inside out.
  • After rubbing, clean the socks with fresh water properly and make sure there is no soap water left behind.
  • Now rinse all the water from the socks and hang them in the air to dry them. You don’t need to apply any artificial heat to make them dry.

That’s all you have to do to clean your socks by hand. I am sure; you will find it very easy.

Keep your Socks Soft and Odour Free

That’s a very important fact I am going to describe to you now. And that is, getting rid of crusty socks and keeping them as soft as new. The main formula behind this is using fabric softener for your socks. But, some of the socks don’t last longer after using softener. We will discuss the socks that cannot hold onto fabric softener in the next part of the article.

My grandmother and mother used vinegar with detergent to wash our clothes. They did this to keep the smell out of clothes. I also apply this technique to keep odour out of my gym clothes and socks as well. Just try it once; you will be amazed by the result.


As I have said earlier, there are a few things you must consider about washing socks. Let’s take a look at them now:

  • White socks get too dirty. You can use bleach or similar material with your detergent to clean your white socks properly.
  • Never use bleach when there are colourful socks. Bleach can fade the colours of the socks.
  • Workout or gym socks can be washed in both cold and hot water.
  • Never wash your dress socks or woollen socks in hot water. They can shrink in hot water and won’t last for long.
  • Don’t use fabric softener for your gym or workout socks. There is a chance of losing the elasticity of the socks.


Wearing a pair of dirty, smelly or crusty socks at the gym or at the office is never a pleasant thing. We should wash our socks regularly. Laundry day is always a tough day but washing socks is very easy. No matter whatever the process you are following, just try to do it as I have mentioned. I bet, you will find washing your socks is not too hard. Have a fresh and soft walking feeling with your socks.

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