How to Wash Leggings by Hand

Hello, senoritas! It looks like your workout sessions are running well. This is good to focus on taking care of your gym clothes. You must be wondering how I am guessing this! Well, as you have come up to this point and read my article, which means you are finding a way to clean your leggings.

It’s important to take care of your leggings. They are so important for your workouts. Many people find it tricky to wash workout clothes. In this blog, I am going to show you the easiest way to wash your legging which is by your hand.

Washing Leggings by Hand

In the following portion we will discuss about washing leggings by hand and some important facts regarding that:

Why Wash your Leggings by Hand (Machine Wash vs Hand Wash)

We all know what a good legging feels like. It fits so good and hugs your curve. It should feel like a second skin and the legging should move with your curves. They should not move against your curves. All the women out there know how tough it is to find a good legging which fits perfectly with their curves. No one would like to damage their fittings. Especially, when it’s that hard to find. 

To be honest, it’s always good to wash any clothes by hand. But sometimes we don’t have enough time and we have to use washing machines to wash our clothes. The soft and stretchy fabric of the leggings can lose its strength and become loose in fitting. It happens when you wash them in your washing machine. Washing by hand has a very less possibility of damaging the leggings. I am sure you don’t want to damage your favorite workout leggings. So, spend a little more time on your laundry day and wash your leggings by hand. 

Choose the Detergent 

Some of you may become surprised after seeing this point, but trust me, it’s very important. You will see various types of detergents in the market. Some of them have different levels of strength. According to their strengths or power, people use those for their specific tasks.

For example, there are some heavy-duty industrial detergents available in the market. I use one of them to wash a polyester gym bag but I don’t use them for my gym clothes. Using that for my leggings can be dangerous as it may damage the elasticity of the leggings. The fabrics of the leggings are very soft and some of them are silky. So, it’s better to use low-power detergents to wash your leggings. You can even use shampoos to wash them. Trust me, the result will be amazing.

Avoid Machine Drying

 As we all know, Everything that is natural is comparatively better than artificial ones. This is also true for your leggings.

It takes less time to dry your leggings in the washing machine. But, there is a huge chance of shrinking the fabrics if you dry them there. So, why take that risk when you can dry them for free and more easily in the open air? The heat of the dryer can warp the fabric. In that way, your legging can lose its perfect size and shape. 

Step-by-Step Procedure of Washing Leggings by Hand

Here are some simple steps to wash your leggings by hand:

Fill the Tub and Mix the Detergent

You actually don’t need a lot of space to wash your leggings. A bucket or a sink is enough when there are only one or two leggings. If you have more, you can even use your bathtub.

Now, fill the tub or bucket or sink with water and pour some detergent into the water. Mix it with your hand and make some foamy bubbles. Now soak your leggings there. Remember, before you put it, turn your legging inside out. Most of the sweat and dirt are in the inside areas. Now rub the legging with your hand for a while and keep it soaked like that for at least 10 minutes. 

Avoid Using too Many Detergents

Some of us have a wrong conception that, putting more detergents will clean clothes more. But that’s not right at all. The small particles of the detergent will remain intact between the fibres of the fabric of your legging. It will prevent your legging from wicking sweat in future. Besides that, your legging will start smelling like a detergent. It won’t be pleasant at all. So, be careful about the amount of detergent.

Avoid Hot Water

Our mothers used to say, hot waters clean the dirt easily and effectively. That’s true. But unfortunately, it’s not applicable in the case of leggings. Hot water can damage the stretchability and your leggings can lose their size and shape. 

You can use lit warm water but never hot. But my opinion is, it’s always better to use cold water. If you want to keep the shape intact for a long, there is no other way than to use cold water.

Don’t Mix it With Other Clothes

It’s better not to soak your leggings with other clothes. Other clothes will not have the same fabric and elasticity as your leggings. So, each of them will need different methods of washing. 

In some cases, the colour can fade away from other clothes and your leggings can catch them up on them. That could be an awkward situation. So, try to wash your leggings separately from other clothes.

Wash With Fresh Water

After 10 minutes of soaking your leggings, now it’s time to wash them with fresh water. Let go of the soapy water and fill the tub with fresh water. Now, wash them with your hand and repeat this process until all the soap water goes away.

Use Vinegar to Wipe Out Odour

Leggings and gym wear get sweaty a lot. The sweat and dirt can create an odour or bad smell. Sometimes, you can still smell the odour even after washing them. I was searching for a better solution to this problem. Then I came to know about a home remedy for this problem. I put some vinegar into the water to get the sweat smell out of gym clothes. You won’t believe it, the result was amazing. There was no smell left on my clothes.   

All you need to do is,  put some vinegar into the water with your detergent. Now soak your leggings there. You will be surprised by the result.

Air Dry Your Leggings

After washing your leggings, rinse all the water from them. Now all you need to do is lay them on a string in the fresh air. It will dry quickly. Don’t use a drying clip. It can make the fabric shrink. 


Washing your leggings is not hard at all. It’s just like washing other clothes in your closet. There are a few simple tricks to keep your legging perfectly shaped for a long time. There is no other perfect way of washing them than washing with your hand. After all only a woman knows the value of a perfectly fit legging.  I hope my tips will help you to wash your legging properly with your hand. Stay clean and stay fresh.

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