Best Workout Towels for Peloton Reviews & Buying Guide

Hello wonderful people! Your favorite gym expert is here again with a review of a very important gear that you will need. Yes, today I will talk about the best workout towels for peloton.

Every gym person knows what peloton is. It’s the spinning cycle that we use to strengthen our leg muscles. Many of us love to warm our bodies by sweating on them. When you are sweating, that means you are doing good at it. But your sweat can result in rust on the metal of your peloton bike. 

To solve this problem for you, I am going to review some of the best sweat peloton towels here. It’s going to be easier for you to choose one for you from the list.

10 Best Workout Sweat Towels for Peloton

Our team has done a great job with these towels. They have finally pointed out the best 10 among all they tested so far. Here they are:

1. Handlebar Sweat Protection Towel Compatible for Peloton Spin Bike by SinMan

The handlebar and face of a peloton bike have the most chance of contact with sweat. To save your peloton from this unwanted contact, this towel from SinMan comes with a set of two. One for the handlebar and another for the face of the bike. These protective towels will fit your peloton spin bikes easily.

Because of the rough and uneven surface type, the fabric of this towel is called pineapple-style fabric. This is actually made from cotton. As we all know, cotton fabrics are soft. 

Though cotton is soft, it can last for a long. Cotton can absorb sweat and any fluid very quickly. So, no chance of leakage or getting rust on the metal. 

This sweat towel is very easy to wash. You can wash it with your regular laundry items. 

  • 1. Lightweight. The whole package weighs only about 390grams.
  • 2. Excellent customer service.
  • 1. A little more coverage would have made it even better.

2. Mat Sweat Towel for The Peloton Bike by TurbliFit

TurbiFit produces the best peloton bike towel cover. Their towels are specially designed to fit with peloton spin bikes. When you have a small cozy 1BHK flat and your hall is your gym, you must be very careful about cleaning. Just lay this towel over your bike’s mat and you are free from tension. No sweat will fall on your floor and make a puddle of sweat.

The towel has a matching color with the mat which is black. It also matches with other accessories as well. 

This towel is so easy to wash. After 1-5 workout sessions, you can easily wash it with your other workout clothes. It gives you relief from mopping the floor after every ride on the peloton bike.

The measure of the towel is about 79*38 inches. It is more than the size of the mat. So, it can cover the whole area. It’s a standard size not only for peloton bikes but also for other exercise bike mats. 

The fabric of the towel is very high in quality. It has the ability to soak liquid more than 8 times its weight. This is possible because of the heavyweight microfiber it is made of. It can soak sweat very fast and dries quickly after washing. 

  • 1. Excellent customer service with a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • 2. Easy installation. Just roll out and attach the corners of your mat with the hold-tight pocket.
  • 1. Protection of handlebars would have been great.

3.  Naisi Anti-Slippery Handlebar Sweat Towel

Naisi has been making peloton bike accessories for several years. This anti-slippery handlebar sweat towel is one of those products from this company. This specific towel is compatible with the peloton bike. But be careful, it may not compatible with peloton bike+. 

This amazing towel is made from very high-quality terry cloth. Terry cloth is known for its softness and absorbent capability. These features make it one of the best peloton bike towels that can make you feel great while riding the bike. 

Naisi anti-slippery hand towel protects the flywheel and magnetic brakes from getting rust from sweat. If you are concerned about germs and a damp feeling while using it in the gym, don’t worry anymore. It gives barrier protection for multiple contacts.

Real danger can happen if your hand slips off from the handlebar while riding the Peloton bike. To avoid this danger, this towel has an anti-slippery feature. You will have a firm grip on the bar. 

The towel has a pocket at the top where you can put your mobile phone or other accessories while riding. 

The towel has a smart black color which is suitable for any peloton bike or home décor. You can easily carry this towel as it weighs only something around 150grams. 

  • 1. Easy to wash.
  • 2. Can protect not only from sweat but also from dust as well.
  • 3. Excellent customer care with 12 month’s warranty.
  • 1. Not compatible with peloton+.

4. Retractable Towel for Treadmills and Spin Bikes by Muck Sweat

Sweating is good for workouts. But sweat is not good for peloton bikes and treadmills. Once there was a time when people used to carry large towels or small handkerchiefs to the gym for wiping sweat. Now, modern people use this smart retractable towel from Muck sweat.

Mats or cover-up towels are not the only solutions for sweats on peloton bikes. Wiping your sweat is another great option because this can be useful for further workouts also. 

You can fit this retractable Velcro reel anywhere you want. For example; treadmills, peloton bikes, spin bikes, stairclimbers, and many other gym equipments are suitable to attach this. It’s easy to carry to the gym as it easily fits inside your gym bag. 

You will have these towels in pairs. One is black and the other is white. One retractable Velcro reel is also included in the package. 

The towels are made from 100% pure terry cotton fabric which is great for soaking sweat from the body. The size of each towel is 19*14 inches. 

The retractable Velcro reel will ensure you never drop your towel anymore. You can keep them closer. Just wipe your sweat and leave it. the towels will be in place automatically. 

  • 1. Easy installation. You can attach it wherever you want.
  • 2. It can be washed in the washing machine.
  • 1. Sweat can fall over the paddles and brakes as there is no protection over there.

5. Naisi Custom Sweat Towel Frame Wrap for Peloton Bike

Naisi is well known for making peloton bikes or spin bike accessories. Peloton bike is one of the most used gym equipment. Many people nowadays have spin bikes at their houses. If you don’t take proper care of the bike, it will get rusted soon. Sweat is the main reason behind this. People are looking around to find the best solution for this. Naisi custom sweat towel is the perfect solution to this. 

If you are looking for the best sports towel peloton, this Naisi custom sweat towel obviously one of them. It is specially designed to fit peloton bikes. Unlike some other sweat towels, it fits perfectly to the bike frame. 

None of us would love to do workouts in a messy dirty or sweaty environment. This towel keeps your bike safe from sweat and dust. It also keeps the dampness away from your bike. 

The fabric of this towel is from a very high-quality material. It’s made from heavy-duty nylon and kiln satin fabrics. Both of them are pretty durable. You will have three-layer protection from the towel. It’s waterproof. So, besides sweat, no liquid can pass through the towel. 

The towel is scratch-proof as well. If any heavy or pointy material fall over the towel, don’t worry, no scratch will be on your bike.

You can easily wash this towel in the washing machine. Don’t worry about drying. Just put it in the dryer.

  • 1. Easy installation process.
  • 2. Excellent customer service with a 12-month warranty.
  • 1. It would be great if it was a little longer.

6. Compatible Peloton Accessories Sweat Towel by dFren

When our experts were searching for the best workout towels for the peloton, they were actually looking for a convenient one. One of them found this towel from dFren. It’s really convenient. Because it serves two purposes at the same time. Those are: protecting the handlebar and wiping the sweat from the face and arms.

The size of the towel is 22*26 inches. It can stay on the handlebar and can reach your face and shoulders. The anti-slip feature helps you to have a firm grip on the bar. 

The fabric of this towel is pretty amazing. It’s made from 80% polyester and 20% nylon. This high-quality material makes this towel ultra-soft as the microfibers are ultra-soft. It’s durable at the same time. This fabric also has the ability to soak sweat quickly and completely. Another reason why it’s convenient is, you can wash this peloton towel in the washing machine like your regular laundry. 

Unlike the other peloton towels or covers, this towel never blocks the way between the handlebar and the saddle. So, you will never feel restricted. If you are wearing shorts, you can even wipe the sweat from your thighs. So, the very minimum chance of dripping sweat on the spin bike.

  • 1. No chance of dropping the towel as it hangs from the handlebar.
  • 2. Lightweight and easy to carry to the gym.
  • 1. Don’t protect the magnetic brakes.

7. Exercise Bike Mat Towel by Muck Sweat

After every intense workout on the peloton bike, the most disturbing thing we see is the puddle of sweat under the bike. Most people search for the best peloton towels to get rid of this awkward messy situation. I think this exercise bike mat from Muck Sweat can be a great solution to this problem. 

This towel is the ultimate sucker for sweats. It can soak sweat and other liquids very fast. It’s made from terry cotton fabric. Terry is known for its softness and super absorbance feature. So, no doubt your floor will stay dry and clean.

This amazing mat towel is very easy to use and easy to remove after use. It protects the base of the bike and covers a whole wide area around the bike. This towel is compatible with so many spin bikes. They are peloton, peloton+, SoulCycle At-home, Bowflex c6, Echelon, MYX Fitness, Schwinn IC4, and so many other spin bikes. That means, this towel is a versatile one

As I have said earlier, this towel covers a wide area. The size of this towel is 55*27 inches. 

It also offers durability. The stitches are made with durability. Another important thing, this towel is slip-proof.

  • 1. Easy to maintain.
  • 2. Lightweight. Weighs around 410grams.
  • 1. Don’t protect the body of the bike from sweat.

8. Vasea Bike Cover Custom Sweat Towel FrameWrap for Peloton Bike

There are different types of peloton towels. Some are designed to protect the spin bike from sweat, some are designed to protect the handlebar with a firm grip, and some towels are designed to protect the main frame and magnetic brake from sweat and dust. The peloton we are going to talk about now is the one that covers the main frame.

The mainframe is the area where there is the most probability of dripping sweat. If it happens, it can get rust on it. this peloton towel saves the frame from getting rust. That’s why many people consider it one of the best peloton bike towel covers. 

The towel is made from a terry cloth fabric. It’s soft, sweat-soaking, and durable at the same time. The fabric is quite uneven and microfibers are made from sweat-absorb material. The corners of the towel are sealed with precise stitches. The wrapping corners have durable magic stickers. It holds the other part of the towel firmly. 

It’s obviously waterproof with three layers of protection. The upper layer is the fabric that can soak so fast. The lower layer is the same one. In the middle, there is a thin layer of foam. In case the first layer fails to absorb, the middle section will not let the fluid pass.

It’s suitable for gym classes where many people use the same spin bike. It ensures barrier protection to stay safe from germs. The towel gives special protection to one of the most important parts of the bike which is the magnetic brake.  

  • 1. Stylish black towel with red borders.
  • 2. Easy to wash. It can be washed in the washing machine.
  • 1. Cannot give protection to the handlebar. A set of two would make it better.

9. MuiSci Custom Sweat Towel Frame Wrap for Peloton Bike Bike Sweat Guard

There are some peloton towels that protect the mainframe and the magnetic brake. This sweat towel from MuiSci is one of those types. 

This frame wrap from MuiSci wraps around the main frame. It protects the metal from sweat and dirt. Sweat can cause rust on the metal. The towel is specially designed for peloton spin bikes. You can also use it on your peloton bike+. But the front Velcro strap may find it quite difficult to fit. But that’s not a big deal. The towel will still provide a clean and sweat-free spin bike.

Very high-quality polyester is the main material of this fabric. This fabric can give 3 layers of protection from sweat or any liquid. The first layer absorbs most of the fluid. The second one absorbs the rest and eliminates stains. The last layer is a soft and non-pilling one. That means the towel is sweat-wicking and durable also. 

The corners and edges are stitched precisely. Firm hemming ensures the durability of the peloton towel. Velcro strips are the weakest part of other peloton towels. But in this case, the Velcro strip is so strong and durable as well. 

The towel makes it scratch-proof. If anything falls on the bike, you can stay tension free of scratches. 

The peloton towel is very easy to install and remove from the spin bike. You can carry your own towel to the gym. The main feature or facility of the bike is, it protects the magnetic break from sweat and dust. 

The size of this peloton towel is 18.5*7.81 inches.

  • 1. The towel is washable in the washing machine.
  • 2. Weighs only about 160grams. So, easy to carry.
  • 1. A handlebar protector would have made it a great set of peloton towels.

10.  2-in-1 Sweat Guard Handlebar Cover Towel Cushion and Bike Frame Wrap for Peloton by BMTick

This is an awesome product that may be at the last of our list but surely it’s not the least. It’s my personal favorite one among all the peloton towels. 

Unlike the other peloton towels, this amazing product from BMTick comes in a pair. The 2-in-1 sweat guard protects both the main frame and the handlebar. These are the two main points that sweat can affect the most. Sweat from your body can fall on the body frame. In another case, your sweaty hands can make the handlebar wet and damp. 

The peloton towels are made from a high-quality material which is nylon. It’s soft, sweaty and moisture-wicking, and durable at the same time. 

The towels wrap the spin bike with a durable Velcro strap. It’s durable and strong. 

The peloton towel at the handlebar has a pocket on the top. You can keep your mobile phones or other accessories there to keep them safe from sweat drops. 

This pair of peloton towels give you a sweat-free and clean riding experience. They also protect your spin bike from getting rust. 

The weight of this pair is not that high. It’s only around 290grams. The size is 14.09*7.56*2.05 inches (L*W*H).

  • 1. Easy assembly and removal system.
  • 2. Washable in the washing machine.
  • 1. Should have more color options.

Best Workout Towels for Peloton – Buying Guide

Every fitness-aware people or gym-going people know what peloton bikes are. It’s very common and famous gym equipment. Gym people love to work out on these spin bikes. Due to the immense workout, it’s obvious that people will sweat. When you see sweat, it means you are working out well. 

But this sweat can be harmful to your spin bikes. Sweat can cause rust on the metals. Sometimes you will see a puddle of sweat under the spin bike. To avoid this situation, there’s only one solution! That is sweat towels. Sweat towels protect your bike and the mat under the bike. It can be difficult to wash the mat but most sweat towels offer easy washing. That’s why peloton towels are more effective.

Now, the question is how you could choose the best peloton towel! Well, to know this, you must know some facts and know your need first. I am going to tell you those facts about buying the best workout towels for peloton bikes:

Types of Peloton Bike Towels

First, you need to know why you need a peloton bike. The answer lies in this part of my buying guide. You must know the types of sweat towels. Here they are;

A towel that covers the main frame

Among all three types of peloton towels, this is the most common and wanted one. This towel protects the main frame and the magnetic break from sweat and dust. The mainframe and break is the most sensitive part of a spin bike and they have the most chance of contact with sweat. The good thing about this towel is they don’t create any obstacle between the frame and the saddle.

These towels hold the main frame with the help of Velcro strips. 

Now let’s see the lacking of these towels; the handlebar and the floor stay unprotected if you use these towels.

A towel that covers the handlebar

There are some towels that cover the handlebar and some parts of the front screen. Our hand is one of those body parts which sweat the most. So, the metal of the handlebar has the most risk of getting rust. They need to be protected and these sweat towels do the job. 

It’s good to have your own sweat towel if you do your regular workout at the gym. When many people touch the same handlebar, germs literally build their residence at the handlebar! To protect yourself from germs, it’s good to take your own towel at the gym. 

The setback of this type of towel is, the main frame and the floor stay unprotected from your dripping sweat.

Sweat towels that protect the floor

Just imagine, you have one BHK flat and your hall is your gym also. After your sweaty bike session, you see a puddle of sweat under the bike. I am sure you are not going to love that site at all. These towels will help you to avoid such situations. 

Just lay it over the floor or over the mat. It’s very simple. But like the other two, it also has some drawbacks. It won’t cover your mainframe and handlebar from sweat. 

Now, you have seen the three types of sweat towels. There’s another type of sweat towel that will lay over the handlebar and has a long tail by which you can wipe sweat from your thighs and face. That one can be effective. From these types, you need to decide which one is convenient for you and then move to the next option which is features. I will describe them in the next part.


Now, it’s time to look at the features. Here I am going to show you some features that a best sports towel peloton should have:


It’s the most important feature of a peloton towel. The fabric must be a good one. It should have the sweat-wicking or soaking capability.

You may ask how you know which fabric is good. Well, cotton, terry cotton, nylon, and polyester is the best option for a peloton towel. These materials can soak sweat and fluid quickly. 

Layers of fabric

Well, only one layer of fabric won’t be that effective. You will see in the above review, all the best peloton bike towels have a fabric of 3 layers. The mid-section keeps the stain away and absorbs the leftover sweat that the first layer couldn’t soak. The last layer also works like the first layer.  

Before you buy, see the product description whether you are getting this feature or not.

Good quality Velcro strap

As I said earlier, most peloton towels hold the spin bike with the help of Velcro strips. The strips must be strong and durable. You need to check the strength of the strip. If there is any chance of losing grip, avoid it right away. 

Easy washing option

If you cannot wash your peloton towel easily, there is no point in having them. Towels will soak sweat therefore they will become dirty very often. You must wash them frequently. 

As we know, a washing machine is the fastest and easiest way of washing clothes. Peloton towels that are not supported by machine cleaning will kill your time. 


That’s a must-have feature! There are some peloton towels that are compatible with peloton bikes but you cannot use them for peloton+. If you have a peloton+ or other spin bikes, make sure your chosen towel is compatible with that.

These are some of the main features which you must consider before you buy the best peloton bike towel cover. When all these matches together, you have got your desired product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often should I clean my peloton towel?

Answer: That depends on some facts; the number of people who are going to do exercise on the bike, the amount of sweat it’s going to soak, type of towel you have. If a couple of people or more going to use the bike, it’s better you clean them every day or after every time they work out on them. Secondly, if you alone sweat like 2/3 people, no way you should use that second time without washing. So, if you are willing to keep your best peloton towels knit and clean, it’s always good to wash them frequently. 

Question: Can I use my regular bathing towel instead of a peloton towel?

Answer: That’s not possible actually. All you can do is just lay your bathing towel over the handlebar and place your hands over them. But that’s not going to work! You will never have that grip. There is a huge possibility of slipping the towel and it can cause you a serious injury. On the other hand, if you place them on the mainframe, they will not hold on to the metal. That’s because there is no Velcro strap to hold on to. It will cause you disturbance instead of helping you. 

Question: Among the 3 types of peloton towels which type I should use?

Answer: That totally depends on you. If you ask me, I would say, a combo of 3 types is a 100% perfect combination. All parts of the bike will have protection against your sweat. Even the floor won’t have a sweaty puddle. 


Our team took a long time to do their research to find the best workout towels for peloton bikes. According to their research, finally, I have listed 10 of the best towels. Here, you will have a complete guideline about how you can buy one for yourself. I am sure, if you follow the complete instruction, you will never fail to find the best product for you. 

Wish you all the best for your peloton bike experience.

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