The 10 Best Workout Shorts for Thick Thighs – Reviews & Buying Guide

Big, firm, or fleshy thighs are always attractive. Due to intense workouts and running, our thighs can become bigger and stronger and stronger than usual. At that time, it can be a little difficult to fit your thighs in regular leggings or sweatpants.

Shorts can be a better option then. Most of the shorts are flexible and wider at the thigh areas. It’s not only comfortable; this also makes your firm thighs look sexy and attractive.

There are varieties of shorts available in the market. But all of them will not meet up your workout needs. Our expert team worked on this for several months to find the best workout shorts for big thighs women’s. Let’s move on and review 10 of those best workout shorts for women with thicker thighs.

10 best workout shorts for thick thighs

1. CRZ YOGA Womens Lightweight Gym Athletic Shorts

CRZ YOGA has a track record of making a lot of good quality sports and gym clothing. This short is one of those quality products.

If you have the size right, it will feel like a feathery fit. That means the fabric is soft and smooth. It’s made from a combination of 88% polyester and 12% spandex.

As we know, fabrics made from polyester are soft and lightweight. This one is also ultra-light. It will give your hand a feather-soft feeling when you touch the fabric. Well, this fabric is also a durable one and will last for a long.

This workout short has a drawstring closure where the draw cord is interior inside the waistband. You can adjust your fittings by pulling them in or out.

The fabric of this short is a quick-drying one. Sweats and moisture will dry quickly and easily from it. So, you will stay dry and never feel uncomfortable.

While working out or running, rubbing or chafing can make you feel uncomfortable. To prevent this, the best running shorts for thigh chafing has inner linings. There is a zip pocket at the back to carry some small belongings.

Professional gym or workout women will find it useful for their high-intensity activities. You can also use it for weight-lifting, running, cardio, walking, and for sports activities.

  • 1. Machine washable.
  • 2. Available in so many colors.
  • 3. Breathable fabric can make you feel airy.
  • 1. The back pocket can be a little small for a mobile phone.

2. ODODOS Women’s High Waist Biker Shorts with Pockets

ODODOS Women’s High Waist Biker Shorts are pretty good for women with big thighs. The flexibility and stretchability of this short make it suitable for that. This biker short has a very high-quality ODLEX interlock fabric that has a double blend of knits technology. Well, both of knit has a spandex blend, which is the main reason behind their stretchable nature.

It’s a perfect combination of 76%polyester and 24% spandex. The other knit fabric is a mixture of 87%polyester and 13% spandex. A perfect blend of these two makes it 4 ways stretchable. Hence it becomes comfortable for firm thighs. This also ensures your safety and flexibility for every gesture and movement. Another important thing is its’ moisture-wicking capability. This shorts feature helps to keep you dry and fresh even if you are sweating a lot.

This short has a high waist that keeps your tummy in with an elastic waistband. It fits nicely and you won’t have to worry about any downwards rolling. It covers your belly button and keeps you unexposed while you stretch or bent over. Any lady will feel confident in this short.

You will have it in both a 9” inseam and a 5” inseam. The seams have flatlock technology. You won’t be bothered by chafing and your running and workouts will be smooth as clouds. The gusseted crotch ensures that it is squat-proof and it’s non-see-through. So, you can freely move and bend with it. You are also having pockets on each side. You can keep your small essentials in those.

You can use them as athletic shorts, gym shorts, for running, cycling, dancing, weightlifting, hiking, and hiit workouts. It’s good for casual everyday use also.

  • 1. Multi-use shorts.
  • 2. Soft and smooth.
  • 3. Wide side pockets. You can keep your mobile phone there.
  • 1. Women with longer legs might feel it a little shorter.

3. CADMUS Women’s High Waist Spandex Yoga Shorts

If you wear shorts every day, you must know the importance of comfortable, flexible, and stylish shorts.  Do you want a combination of all of them? Here is the solution. The CADMUS Women’s High Waist Spandex Yoga Shorts are built to make your yoga or workout session more enjoyable.

This is made from a soft fabric that is stretchable in all 4 ways. It’s also a non-see-through fabric. This awesome fabric is made from a blend of polyester and spandex where polyester is 85% and spandex is 15%.

The stretchability of spandex has made this ideal for thicker legs. This short is a high waist one. It fits perfectly on your belly with that high waistband.

You will have two deep side pockets in this short. Mobile phones, cards, cash, keys, iPods, and other essential kits can be kept there.

Many of us suffer from chafing or rubbing while running in shorts. There is no such issue in this one. Flatlock seams reduce the rubbing and you will feel comfortable. You will also have a gusseted crotch in this short which will make you feel comfortable and won’t tear when you suddenly sit.

The fabric is a sweat-wicking one. You don’t have to stay wet from sweat during your workouts.

You can use these shorts as casual wear at your home. This is also suitable for yoga, running, walking, jogging, and other physical activities.

  • 1. The company offers a 30-day free return policy.
  • 2. Available in several colors.
  • 1.They should have some small sizes for shorter legs as well.

4. Blooming Jelly Women’s Quick-Dry Running Shorts – Best for running

These athletic shorts from Blooming Jelly is suitable for running, walking, jogging, gym, travel, hiking, cycling, and other on-field activities. If you wish, you can also use them as daily wear.

This is one of those classic running shorts. It has an elastic waistband. It helps to fit any tummy size. You will also have built-in underwear with this short which is stretchy and spandex-ish linear and will not rid up. So, you will never feel uncomfortable. Most importantly, the snug fit will make sure you never feel like loose baggy underwear.

The slit cuts on the thighs make it comfortable and suitable for larger thighs. This athletic build short will never become too tight for women with thick thighs. There is also a zip-closure deep pocket to help you carry your essentials.

The fabric of this short is so soft and comfortable with cooling power. It’s a blend of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This short is also available in nylon and spandex blend. The fabric is lightweight and will give you a cool feeling when you touch it.

To have a perfect fit, measure yourself first and then match with the chart given by the manufacturer.

  • 1. Flexible and comfortable.
  • 2. An elastic waist band holds the shorts on the waist nicely.
  • 1. Women with extra-long legs can feel it quite short.

5. Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Shorts – best for tummy control

There are so many brands that make or design shorts for big thighs. Dragon fit not only makes shorts for workouts, but they also try to combine fashion with efficiency. This high-waist yoga short from Dragon Fit is another example of that. It’s fashionable and enhances your confidence and performance.

The high waist design with waistband fits perfectly on your waist and belly. It gives you a sexy hourglass shape. Just wear a pair of running shoes with these shorts and a top. You will look absolutely stunning.

The super stretchy fabric is made from 88% nylon and 12% spandex. The fabric stretches in all 4 ways. So, you have freedom in your movements. Because of the stretchability, it’s good for women with bigger thighs.

This fabric with a perfect blend is very high in quality. It is a quick-drying fabric and wicks moisture from your body.

Deep side pockets have extra room to hold a big size mobile phone in it.

This short is great for a good workout session, yoga, fitness, running, and as daily wear.

Never forget to match your size in the size chart before buying.

  • 1. Easy pull-on closure.
  • 2. Easy return policy within 30-days.
  • 1. The waistband can get loose if washed in the washing machine.

6. PERSIT Women’s High Waist Print Workout Yoga Shorts – best for body shaping

At first, I thought it was just me who is very optimistic about a good pair of shorts with fashionable designs. But later I realized, every woman loves to have those active shorts.

PERSIT has a reputation for making colorful design workout shorts. This one is one of their printed shorts. When I look at the shorts feature, I found it very convenient. Because I love longer inseam length. They fit perfectly on your thighs and you will start feeling that you have pear-shaped muscular thighs.

This short is perfect for all body shapes. The wide waistband fits perfectly and your curves look beautiful and fashionable. Because of the wide waistband, it never digs into your skin to make you feel uncomfortable. You are also having a gusset crotch in this. So, no chance of exposing your private part over the shorts.

75% polyester and 25% spandex make this short stretchy and comfortable. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and irritation free. Spandex makes this shorts fabric 4 ways stretchable which is much needed for thick thighs.

You can wear these shorts for yoga or workouts. This is also great for casual wear.

  • 1. Machine washable.
  • 2. 2 hidden pockets to keep your belongings.
  • 3. Fashionable unique prints.
  • 1. If you don’t choose the proper size, it can be a little tight on the inner thighs.

7. Willit Women’s Yoga Lounge Shorts – Best for outdoor

Women with thicker thighs often skip wearing shorts. These workout shorts can be a good solution for those who have big thighs.

If you have a pair of shorts from Willits, you can enjoy your yoga, short stretch, or workout session. These shorts are great for different outdoor activities like hiking, traveling, etc. You can also wear shorts casually in your daily life.

The super lightweight fabric of these athletic shorts is a blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. It’s stretchy and flexible at the thighs. The moisture-wicking feature can keep you dry while hiking or running. This short has a short inseam.

As the fabric is breathable and it’s not tight at the thighs, airflow is always available. So, you can stay cool during summer hiking even if your thigh is a bit thicker.

You can adjust your fit manually with the adjustable drawstring. The waistband is wide enough to feel comfortable.

Our thighs rub with each other while we run or walk. To make this rubbing comfortable, this workout short has flatlock stitching. So, no chance of chafing, and you can stay comfortable and focus on your activity.

You will also have a pair of deep pockets where you can keep your belongings such as your mobile phone, car keys, cash, or credit cards.

Must follow the size chart for the exact size and fit.

  • 1. Versatile and multipurpose use.
  • 2. Can keep you cool even if you are doing an intense workout.
  • 1. A zip-closure pocket would have made it even better.

8. BMJL Women’s Running Shorts – best for plus size

I have a pair of these active shorts. They are my favorite pairs. If you have a plus size and don’t like long inseam length, it’s the best choice for you.

This workout short is made from a piece of very high-quality fabric. That is made from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This wonderful technology makes the fabric super lightweight than other shorts. It also makes the fabric soft and smooth which makes you comfortable while you wear it.

This fabric is also sweat-wicking and dries quickly. So, you can stay cool. The tulip cut bottom helps air to flow and makes it breathable. Due to the tulip cut, it becomes ideal for thick thighs. Another reason it’s being ideal for big thighs is its’ 4-way stretchable feature. Even if you have a booty of any size, you can have a great fit.

This running short is pretty suitable for gym and other workout activities. Yoga, weight lifting, cycling, running, jogging, walking, dancing, and so many other physical activities can be done in this short.

There is a zipper side pocket in this short. You can keep your large mobile phone and other belongings there.

A high waistband with elastic fits your waist nicely. It isn’t very tight but will never roll down to disturb you.

Choose your size between so many size variations from the size chart.

  • 1. Machine washable.
  • 2. Available in so many colors.
  • 3. Wide range of sizes.
  • 1. Have only one pocket.

9. OQQ Women’s 3 Piece Yoga Shorts – best cost efficient

Women who don’t love to wear a short with a longer inseam will love this one. This fashionable short has short inseams with a high waistband.

These amazing yoga short from OQQ is ribbed short. It’s lightweight and sweat-wicking. The fabric is breathable and can wicks moisture to keep you dry. This fabric is comfortable and stretchy. The 4 ways stretchable feature ensures compression and lifts your butt to give you an amazing sexy look. The stretchability also helps it to become suitable for thick thighs. These high-quality fabrics also avoid bunching. The fabric that has all these excellent features is made from 70% nylon, 25% polyester, and 5% spandex.

The wide and high waist band is designed to keep your tummy inside. The elastic of the waistband is neither too tight to make you feel uncomfortable. The tummy control feature shapes your body curves.

A non-slip design with a perfect ribbed texture prevents the short from rolling down. No chance of discomfort while you walk or work out. Another thing is, this short is squat-proof. There is a triangular design at the crotch which give you maximum coverage of your private parts even if you make several moves. This design also protects your thighs from rubbing with each other.

 You can use this short for yoga and workouts. This is very suitable for daily wear. Just wear these shorts with a great pair of shoes and a tank. You will look absolutely gorgeous.

  • 1. Easy and comfortable pull-on closure.
  • 2. Comes in a set of 3 pieces.
  • 1. Can be a bit restrictive for intense workouts.

10. CRZ YOGA Womens Lightweight Gym Athletic Workout Shorts – Best for running

There are so many brands that are well-known for making good quality workout shorts. CRZ YOGA is one of them.

This is one of their best-quality workout shorts. This one is suitable for women with thick thighs.

The fabric is made from a blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The fabric is so good and super lightweight. It almost feels like a feather when you touch it. Though it’s soft and lightweight, it’s pretty durable and long-lasting.

The inseam length of this short is 4 inches. You will have a draw cord for a perfect fit. But it won’t be visible as it is knit inside the waistband.

You will not get a side pocket with this workout short. Don’t worry; it has a back pocket with a zip closure.

It’s so soft and stretchy. When you bend over the starting line before starting your run, you won’t feel any restrictions and you don’t have to worry about squatting as well. Inner linings make this short chafing free. This is one of the reasons why this can be one of the best shorts for thigh chafing.

All those features make this short suitable for running, workouts, yoga, weight-lifting, running, and so many other on-field activities. you can use this as an outer short casually at home.

  • 1. Drawstring closure makes sure you have a perfect fit.
  • 2. Easily washable in a washing machine.
  • 1. A few more color options would make it a great one.


Best workout shorts for thick thighs – Buying Guide

Buying regular workout shorts might be a lot easier. But when it comes to shorts for women with thick thighs, it can become a little trickier.

You must consider some important facts while buying your first pair of shorts. Our fashion experts have summed up those facts together to help you in this technical situation. Based on that research, we are gonna give you a complete guideline about buying the best workout shorts for thick thighs in the following. You will also have some additional tips about cleaning your shorts.

Importance of workout shorts

Workout shorts are a little different than regular casual ones. They are special-purpose shorts just like bike shorts. Bike shorts are generally used by professional cyclists. Similarly, workout shorts are for activities like workouts, yoga, training, running, walking, etc.

While you work out, you need to move or stretch more than usual. Sometimes, you need to push yourself further. These activities are not possible to perform in regular shorts. You will never feel comfortable doing these movements in regular shorts. That might affect your performance.

Workout shorts are designed to help you feel comfortable and focused. They are more stretchable and comfortable. Workout shorts never restrict your body from stretching. These are the features of workout or sports shorts. And that’s why workout shorts are important for any physical activity.

Why do you need special shorts for thick thighs?

It is obvious that you cannot enter a thick thigh in a short for a regular or thin thigh. You might tear that while trying this. Even if you succeed to go through it, you will start feeling it tight on your skin.

It will dig into your skin and obstruct blood flow. You will never feel comfortable like that. That’s the main reason why large thighs need special or larger shorts.

Those thighs are just like the regular shorts but a little loose at the thigh areas. In most of cases, these shorts are more stretchy than usual.

So, it’s clear why we need special shorts for larger thighs.

How to wash workout shorts?

No one would love to lose one’s favorite short because of carelessness. I know how it feels to lose a favorite short. I have lost several of them. And all of those happened because I didn’t know how to take care of them properly. But later I realized my mistake and now I know what I have to do exactly.

I don’t want any of you to feel that pain. Let’s see how you can clean your workout shorts properly:

Read the label first

Yes, the label from the manufacturer says the exact way of cleaning your shorts. So, don’t avoid it and read it closely. First, see if it is machine washable or not. If it says, to wash by hand only; never try washing them in the machine. You will damage them.

Use regular or warm water

Sometimes we use hot water to clean our clothes even more. But that action can damage your shorts. Most shorts have elastics in their waistbands. Hot water can damage elasticity.

So, it’s better to use normal water for cleaning. You can use warm water but never hot. This is for both machine and hand washing.

Use regular detergents

Always use regular general detergents to clean your shorts. You will see some industrial hard detergents in the market.  Never try them. You can use shampoos to wash them. It can keep your shorts soft.

Never rub or squeeze them too hard

These things can happen when you wash your hands. Rubbing or squeezing too hard can shrink the fabric of your shorts.

Let your shorts dry in the air

After washing, just hang them for drying in the fresh air. Avoid drying in the machine. Fabrics can shrink and elasticity can damage while doing that.

Use fabric softener

Mix some fabric softener into the water before soaking your shorts there. It can keep your shorts soft for a long time. But some fabrics don’t need them. You will get the information on the label.

Well, these are very simple tricks about taking care of your favorite shorts.

Things to consider before buying

If you have a pair of muscular thighs and you are looking forward to buying the best workout shorts for thick thighs, you must consider some things before buying. These are very important facts. Let’s take a look at those facts now:

Soft fabric

Soft and comfortable fabric is the first and main feature of good quality shorts. It‘s very necessary to feel comfortable while you are doing workouts or yoga.

Workout shorts feel soft; just like your other skin. The blends of nylon and polyester with spandex create the best soft fabrics for workout shorts. So, check for the material before choosing.


A short that is not stretchable can never be a workout short. We need to stretch our legs and thighs a lot during workouts. If the short doesn’t move with you and becomes restrictive, you will not be able to continue your work.

Stretchability depends on the fabric. A spandex made short is suitable for stretching. So, look before you buy.

Moisture and sweat-wicking

Yoga shorts should have this feature. We all know, we sweat a lot while we do physical activities. A workout short that is made from a good quality fabric can always wick the moisture and sweat from your body to keep you cool and dry.

If that starts soaking the sweat, it will become heavier and restrict you to perform. So, go for a fabric that can do this trick.


Workout shorts must be breathable. Circulation of air helps to stay cool. The design of the shorts and obviously the fabric ensures this.

You may have to be a little conscious about this feature and try to choose the design wisely for yourself.

Inseam length (short vs long)

The inseam length is the length of the shorts’ legs. Some ladies love a little bigger inseam. But some like smaller inseams.

So, that depends on your own choice whether you want to wear long or go for short. While you are looking for the best workout shorts for thick thighs women’s, you must be very careful about the inseam length.

High waist

If you want to shape your tummy, go for a short that has a high waist and tummy control facility. They are capable of pushing your belly inside and outlining your curves nicely.

Low waist

You can go for a low waist short also. Ladies with slim and shaped tummies will look gorgeous on a low waist shorts.


An uneven stitch an itch on your skin and you will start feeling uncomfortable. So, go for a short that has flatlock stitching technology.

Gusseted crotch

The crotch is the most sensitive part of a short. A gusseted crotch with some extra fabric protection is the best option for a workout short.

Squat proof

The short must be squat-proof. You may need to sit and stand frequently during workouts. Many times you will also squat. But make sure your short doesn’t tear at that time. To avoid this, your shorts must be stretchable. The fabric also needs to be durable.

Find the proper fit

That’s a very important feature you need to watch out for. First, know your exact size and then look at the size chart carefully. Make sure you choose the right size to have a perfect fit.

Color and style

Choosing the color completely depends on your personal preference. But to my opinion, a woman should have dark-colored shorts for working out.

There are some shorts which you can wear as daily wear or as outer shorts also. If you can have multiple facilities, then why not go for that? So, choose the design wisely.

Choose according to your workout type

Know your necessity first. Then choose your shorts according to that. It’s obvious that you will feel a little less comfortable in yoga short while cycling.

Manufacturers have designed different shorts according to their needs. So, choose the best one that matches your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Question: what is the perfect inseam length for thicker thighs?

Answer: It depends on you. Long and short both are available for thicker thighs. All that matters is the radius of the leg hole and the stretchability.

Question: Is it possible to use my workout shorts as a casual dress?

Answer: You can use some of them. There are several shorts that are very nice and stylish. Wear them with a tank and jacket on top, have your pair of sneakers, tie your hair and you are all set for the party.

Question: Will it be restrictive if I put my mobile in my shorts’ pocket?

Answer: I don’t think so. In most shorts, you will have a pair of pockets. They are built in such a way that you may never have to carry anything in your hand. That’s for your comfort obviously. So, it won’t be restrictive or uncomfortable for sure.

Question: Is cotton made short good for exercise when I have large thighs?

Answer: No. cotton is not stretchy. That means it will not stretch with your thighs. Cotton soaks sweats and stays wet for a long. That’s why it’s not suitable.

Final thought

It’s always a little trickier to buy a good dress for a curvy lady like me. But when it comes to shorts for thicker thighs, it can become a little more difficult. To make it easier, our expert team has worked on it to find the best products for you my ladies. I hope you find the best pair of shorts for you and enjoy your workout

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