Quite a few years ago the most underrated attire for the gym was socks. But time has changed and we have started to understand the necessity of a good pair of socks. 

A woman is always a little choosey about her clothing. I can easily guess this as I am so choosey about everything I wear. It seems like, you are also well aware of the need for a good pair of socks for your workout session. And that necessity brought you here. Many health-conscious women asked me many questions about women’s workout socks in recent months. From then I was thinking of coming up with research and result regarding their query. For the past couple of months, I have gone through vast research on this. I have tried a lot of workout socks personally. Trust me; my house is quite loaded with socks right now.

After doing all these, I have summed up my thesis and listed 10 of the best workout socks for women.

10 Best Workout Socks for Women’s Reviews


1. Ozaiic Non-Slip Grip Socks

Here is my choice number one! The multiple uses and versatility of this sock have made me choose this one for the top place. Also, the safety of this particular sock influenced me a lot in my decision.

The fabric of Ozaiic Non-Slip Grip Socks is a premium one. The most percentage of the fabric is cotton. There is 15% spandex also present in the fabric where the grips are supported by pure silicones.

As we are talking about the grip, there are some dots at the bottom of the socks which help its users to hold a proper grip on the surface. These dots will make sure you don’t slip on the floor even if it’s made from slippery tiles. A workout woman can completely depend on this sock for her safety purpose. Even a pregnant woman, an elderly person, or a patient at the hospital can wear these socks without any fear of slipping on the floor. As we are now talking about the multi-purpose use of this sock, there are other places where a woman or man can use this sock. Judo classes, ballet dancing, martial art classes, aerobics, gymnastics, and many more performances can be done with this sock. In one word, where there you need proper gripping, you can rely on this pair of socks. 

Oziiac is available for both women and men. There are sizes available for both of them. The breathable and mesh ventilation system of this sock will help your feet to stay dry. Even after hours of heavy workouts, your feet will stay dry inside your shoes. 

  • 1. Provides extra grip and support and boosts workout performance.
  • 2. One can use this sock inside their formal shoes.
  • 1. Socks for men having a feet size above ten are not available.


2. Bright Star Low Cut Ankle Socks

These Bright Star Low Cut Ankle Socks are best for those women who love both workout and fashion. The low-cut design and various colorful designs have made this sock so desirable for fashionable women. On the other side, this sock is more comfortable for women who love yoga, workout, or sports.

The fabric of this sock is so wonderful. The larger part is made from high-quality polyester. The smaller part which is about 3% is made from spandex. The mixture of both has made this fabric good for moisture-wicking and also stretchy. 

The design of this sock is generally a slim fit one that has a low cut on the ankle which is quite stylish. Another thing I forgot to mention, is there are a whole lot of color options available for the choosey workout women. You can have your chosen one among those. 

You can wear this sock every season. The design and comfort will allow you to wear it both inside and outside your home. 

Women, who love the durability, will be completely satisfied with these socks’ performance. They are durable and long-lasting. 

A woman can use this sock for many purposes. Workouts, yoga, running, walking, jogging, dancing, and playing sports are some of the things that a woman can do wearing this sock.

  • 1. These socks are machine washable. 
  • 2. Durable and doesn’t tear apart after a few washes.
  • 3. The grip at the ankle stays fit for a long time.
  • 1. Machine drying can damage elasticity.

3. Bright Star Low Cut Ankle Socks For Women – 30 Pairs

Here is another outstanding product from Bright Star. These socks are also low-cut ankle socks. Women love to wear them for yoga and workout purposes. A huge number of positive feedbacks confirm this statement. 

This one is a very versatile one. It comes in a package of 30 pairs. And trust me, they have 30 beautiful pairs of socks. You will never feel you are running out of socks. You will always have a stock of socks in your cupboards. These 30 pairs come in various colors, designs, and patterns. These Bright Star socks give you the freedom of wearing them not only in your workouts but also at home. They are made from a beautiful fabric that is a combination of polyester and spandex. These materials make them both comfortable and durable. Bright Star socks have a reputation for being durable and they don’t tear or damage after many washes.

Now come to the design. They have a nice low-cut design that fits on your ankle nicely and gives you a nice firm look on your feet. The slim fit design hugs your feet like they are made for your feet only. 

Like most of the other socks, you don’t need to worry about washing these in the washing machine. They are machine washable. Any detergents will be suitable to wash these socks.

Bright Star socks are so stylish and have unique looks. These features allow a woman to wear them to any party besides workouts and yoga. She can also dance, run and do jogging in these socks as well.

  • 1. Wicks moisture. So, there is no discomfort after hours of workout.
  • 2. Comes in a bundle of 30 pairs. You have a lot of options to choose between.
  • 1. You cannot dry those socks in a washing machine. There is a chance of losing the elasticity.

4. BERING Women’s Performance Athletic Ankle Running Socks

During my research, very few socks crossed my mind. This one is one of those socks. Bering has produced a very good quality sock with some very interesting features. These features have made them very user-friendly. 

These BERING Women’s Performance Athletic Ankle Running Socks are so smooth and feathery soft. The softness will make you feel so comfortable while you wear a pair of those. If you have the right size for yourself, you don’t have to worry about the fittings anymore. They will fit very well on your ankle. 

The fabric of the socks is a perfect mixture of polyester, spandex, and nylon. It has elasticity and moisture-wicking capability. So, you can stay dry and fresh inside your shoes even while working out and sweating.

There is a very unique feature in this sock that made it different from others. That feature is the padded tab at the heel. Most of the pressure applies to the heel when we walk, run, or work out. This padded tab protects the heel from any friction due to the workout session. It also helps prevent blisters that can occur from immense friction and pressure. This padded heel tab also provides support and stability to the sock from slipping from the heel.

At the top side of the socks is a mesh-built function. This ensures there is enough breathability. Air can flow between there and the moisture can dry easily. All these facilities make these socks versatile. You can use them in multiple tasks such as running, workout, yoga, walking, dancing, etc. 

  • 1. Easy to wash. Can be easily washed in the washing machine.
  • 2. The cushioned sole ensures stability and absorbs shock that occurs from running and jumping.
  • 1. Can get a little loose after many washes.

5. YUEDGE Women’s Hiking Socks

If you are a woman who loves adventures and workouts more than any other activities then these socks are a pretty perfect option for you. In my research time, I have gone through about 500 feedbacks about this sock. I found most of the women who love trekking, camping, running, climbing, mountaineering, and being involved in some gymnastic sports activities prefer this YUEDGE Women Hiking Socks. 

The main reason behind liking this sock is the breathability and comfort. The fabric of this sock is made from cotton, polyamide, and spandex where cotton holds the most part. The perfect measure of these components makes this fabric breathable, soft, and comfortable. The combed cotton fibers help to make it softer and more comfortable to wear. 

You will never feel uncomfortable even if you wear this sock all day long. Do you know why? Because this sock holds your skin stronger than other socks and is relatively softer than others. On the other hand, the sweat dries very quickly and your feet stay dry and fresh. 

The less friction and shock-absorbing capability of these socks make them comfortable on rough trails and fast running. There is a soft cushion bed at the bottom. It helps to reduce the stress on your feet from heavy exercise or pressure. 

These socks are high rise as you can see. There are soft but strong elastic bands that hold the sock high. It also prevents the socks from rolling downwards and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. 

  • 1. Machine washable.
  • 2. Available in various sizes which is about 5-9. ( US women’s shoe size)
  • 1. Not compatible with fashion wear.

6. NEWCHAO Anti Slip Non Skid Socks

Though this one is at number 6 in our list but doesn’t underestimate this one. It has all the features to top the list. 

This wonderful sock comes in a bundle of 4 pairs. Two of them are black and another two are gray. Both men and women can wear these socks. They are very flexible in sizes and almost every man and woman can wear these socks with comfort. The making of these socks is so compact that even a single size can fit too many. So, you don’t have to worry about your fittings and sizes. You can even share two pairs with your husband.

The material of the sock is so brilliant that makes it is so comfortable to wear. The brilliant materials are polyester and spandex. Polyester makes it soft and durable whereas spandex makes it stretchy. The elasticity and breathability are the two main reasons why they are so comfortable even if you are wearing them for a long time.

Now I will tell you why it’s so different than others. There are some silicone grips at the bottom of the socks. These silicon grips help you to perform so many risky and tough moves while you work out or trek or even climb hills. They will make sure you stay still and don’t lose your ground from slipping. 

I have seen so many pregnant women and sick people at the hospital using these socks. Old people also use them for having a better grip and balance on the slippery tile floor. 

  • 1. Provides maximum safety and grip on the floor
  • 2. Offers excellent customer support.
  • 3. Can be very useful for athletes.
  • 1. No machine washing. You can only wash them with your hands. 

7. SkiBeaut Non Slip Socks Anti-Skid Grip for Women 

SkiBeaut Non Slip Socks Anti-Skid Grip for Women is another brilliant brand of socks. You can have these socks in a pair of three. They come in 3 different colors and they are black blue and gray. 

This wonderful sock is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester. Here, cotton holds the majority portion. The almost pure cotton material has the ability to soak sweat from your feet. This feature helps your feet to stay dry and healthy even if you are wearing them for a long time. There is no chance of getting any kind of skin diseases on your feet such as calluses. This sock has a very strong but soft elasticity that holds your skin so soft and you can feel it as if it’s your second skin. 

The makers are so intelligent. They have come up with a great plan to put silica gel anti-skid particles at the bottom. They have distributed them carefully and put them where they are actually needed. There are some pressure points or stress points on human feet soles. The grips are pointed at those points. These particles protect you from slipping on a slippery floor. You will never have this in general socks.

There are a lot of sizes available. According to the standard US women’s average feet size, you can have any of the sizes. 

These socks are perfect for yoga and workout. To perform various stances sometimes you need to stretch your feet a lot. This sock gives you a firm grip inside your shoe to prevent you from slipping. On the other hand, pregnant women, elderly people, and sick people can get maximum benefit and support from this sock. Any kind of gymnastic sportswoman, athlete, or ballet dancer can also depend on these socks completely. 

  • 1. Cotton fabric makes it so soft and smooth.
  • 2. It will serve you various purposes.
  • 3. Can be an excellent gift for your elderly or pregnant family members.
  • 1. Machine washing and drying can damage the socks.

8. LEAFY BOO Bamboo Socks for Women

Bored of wearing similar kinds of socks every day? Want to try something new? If your answers are yes, then this LEAFY BOO Bamboo Socks for Women is the best option for you. This one is a completely different sock. Trust me, once you try these bamboo socks, you will fall in love with them. You will never want to try those regular socks anymore!

These wonderful socks come in a bundle of 6 pairs. Each pair is so stylish and colorful. They have a low-cut look that fits perfectly on your feet and looks beautiful. 

The fabrics of these socks are made from a blend of bamboo, cotton, polyester, and lycra. These incredible mixtures of materials make the socks so comfortable and breathable. This fabric soaks all the sweat while you work out and keeps you fresh. This feature helps you prevent many skin problems like blisters, fungal infections,s and many more. These socks are made so intelligently that it helps you to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Another interesting fact about this sock is, they have different designs for both left and right feet. You will find this in very few socks. There is a tab just at the heel. It helps the sock to stay still at the heel and don’t let it roll down or skid when you are jumping or running. 

To my surprise, I have noticed that they stay soft like a new one after each wash! The bamboo fiber has done the trick here to keep them soft. 

  • 1. Lightweight and feels so soft and comfortable.
  • 2. Stylish and colorful.
  • 3. The softness remains intact even after many washing.
  • 1. No extra gripping facility.

9. ALRRISE Women’s Low Cut Tab Athletic Socks

ALRRISE Women’s Low Cut Tab Athletic Socks is a classic example of the best women’s workout socks. This excellent sock comes in a pair of 6. They have a very cool design with shining and nice-looking colors. In the pack of 6 pairs, the colors are blues, purple, yellow, brown, gray, and white. There are 3 different sizes are available for these socks. 

These socks are made from combed cotton, polyester, and spandex. The majority part is combed cotton. Combed cotton is perfect cotton where small-length cotton fiber is cut and only long-length cotton fiber remains there. The combed cotton makes fiber both strong and soft. So, it fits on your feet so well and is strong but at the same time, you will feel comfortable. This fabric also absorbs moisture very fast and can release sweat quickly. This is why you will feel soft and it will protect you from blisters. 

It has a wonderful low-cut design. It allows you to wear these socks even without your workout session. The smart looks and colors help you to wear it with your sports shoes, formal shoes, ballet dancing shoes, and with casual shoes. You can even wear these socks without any shoes inside your house on the floor or on the carpet. 

To provide you with maximum support and comfort, the makers have put an extra soft cushion at the bottom. That covers the full bottom part of your foot. It helps to decrease friction and keeps your skin safe from scratching. The cushion also helps to keep balance and prevents you from slipping. 

  • 1. Excellent design and color.
  • 2. You can wash them in the machine.
  • 1. The ankle elastic can get loose after multiple washes.

10. BREATHING Yoga socks for women

Here comes the last but not the least. This pair of socks is undoubtedly one of the most stylish and best workout socks for women. This sock is specially designed for yoga and ballet dancing. At first glance, you might misunderstand it and think it is a shoe! But take a closer look at those and you will realize they are some very special pair of socks which looks like a pair of shoes. 

This premium-looking sock is made from a premium material that is combed cotton. Because of that, the sock is so soft. As we all know, combed cotton has a great ability to soak sweat. It removes moisture and keeps your feet dry and cool. So, no chance of bacteria could attack your feet. 

As you can see there is an open design at the top that looks like a belt. This design allows more airflow in your feet. So, germs cannot last long there and there is no chance of creating any bad smell. 

The cushioning facility helps the sock to give the greatest support and balance during foot movement. Elderly people, pregnant women, and sick people at the hospitals can get huge support and help while walking on the floor. This sock can give them a grip and prevent them from falling on the ground or from the stairs. 

Yoga-loving women or workout enthusiasts are very fond of these socks. These socks come in a bundle of 3 pairs and each of them has shiny royal black color.

  • 1. Stitched by hand make it more durable and unique. 
  • 2. Machine washable and can be dried in low heat.
  • 1. You cannot wear them with your formal shoes.

Best Women’s Workout Socks – Buying Guide


We see a lot of socks in the market. They have various specifications and features. Not all the socks that are available on the market are suitable for women’s workouts. For a special purpose, you need something special. Here, today I will give you a complete guideline about buying women’s workout socks.

Why Workout Socks are Important?

There is various kind of socks available and they are suitable for various purposes. Some socks are specially designed for workouts for women. Now, the question is why we cannot use a regular sock for working out. 

Workout socks are designed in a way that could support our feet at the time of working out. Some workout socks have very well gripping facilities to prevent slipping. That is very important while doing yoga. While doing yoga, you need to stretch your feet a lot. If your feet slip at that time, you may have some serious injuries. General casual or formal socks don’t have the facility of gripping. 

Sweating is very common in workouts. Our feet sweat the most while we work out. Workout specialized socks are built in a way with such materials that are capable of soaking or wicking sweat and moisture from our feet. If our feet stay wet for a long, there is a huge chance of getting skin infections there. General socks don’t have moisture and sweat-wicking capability. So, it’s clear that you must have a workout specialized sock for workouts.

Things to Look for

There are certain features that you must look for when you search for the best women’s workout socks. Here are those:


Fabric is the most important part that you need to look at before buying. Always avoid woolen socks. They soak sweat completely but keep them inside and become moist and heavy. It may start feeling heavy inside your shoes and a wet and damp feeling can distract you. So, there is a huge chance of skin diseases because of the dampness of wool. 

It’s also good to avoid pure synthetic socks. There is a huge possibility of slipping in those socks. The better option for fabrics is cotton and nylon. But to my opinion, the option is a mixture of cotton, nylon, and spandex. Combed cotton gives the socks strength and maximum softness. 


It’s also an important feature of women’s workout socks. These socks press your muscles gently and stick there like a second skin. You must be aware of that compressing. Pressing it too hard into your muscles can obstruct blood flow. But the proper amount of compression can help you in your blood flow. It also helps you to continue your workout or running for a long time. A proper amount of blood circulation can help to reduce stress and tiredness. 

Sweat Control

The sweat-controlling capability has made workout socks different from others. Your workout socks must have to soak or wick the sweat and moisture from your feet. This keeps your feet dry and fresh. 

Wet and moist feet can cause you a skin disease. Socks made from cotton and mixtures of cotton are suitable for sweat control.

Protection Against Blisters

Blisters are the worst thing that can happen to a workout woman. Blisters can happen due to friction between your skin and the fabric. To avoid this kind of discomfort, some companies use to make socks with double-layer protection. In that case, those fabrics rub with each other, and thus friction with your skin reduces. 

But there is a pullback to that condition. Those socks may have less capability of keeping your feet cool. Your feet can get overheated due to less ventilation.

Good Quality Elastic

A good quality workout sock must have the best elastic attached to it. if your sock is a high-rise one and it becomes rolling down while you are working out or running, that can be a real nightmare. You will start feeling discomfort and get de-focused. This can lead to any accident during your workout. So, check the elastic before you buy them.

Double Cushioning and Heel Tab

Some socks have double cushioning and heel tab facilities. These features allow its’ user to move without any tension or blisters. They are capable of absorbing more pressure and shock. That keeps your feet more stressed free and at the end of your workout, you will not feel any pain.

Gripping Facility

Some of the workout socks have silicon dots at the bottom of them. They are put there to ensure excellent gripping. Gripping gives you safety.

The gripping facility keeps your feet still inside your shoes. Pregnant women and elderly people or sick people at the hospitals often wear these socks. This gripping facility helps them from falling on the slippery tile and from the stairs. 

Size and Design 

Size is very important for workout socks. They have to be perfect in size to be the best women’s workout socks. Some socks have various sizes. You can choose easily among them. But there are some single-size socks. They fit in every size of feet. Their stretchability feature makes it possible for them to fit in every size.

Now comes the design. Though it shouldn’t matter a lot, you know how we women are! We are very choosey about designs. You can choose the design according to your choice. There are generally two designs, high rice, and low cut. It’s totally up to your taste. 

Now, I have described all the possible features that you need to look at before buying a pair of workout socks. Just look for socks that match all these features. Now you can buy your workout socks for women.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can males use workout socks for women?

Answer: some socks are designed only for women. A man will not feel comfortable wearing them. But there are some socks available in the markets which are unisex. That means, both men and women can wear them.

Q. What is the best process for cleaning workout socks?

Answer: Well, there are generally two ways of cleaning socks; washing machine and by hand. There are some socks that you cannot wash in the washing machine. Make sure you read the label or manufacturer’s guide before you go to wash them. But washing by hand is always a safe option to go with.

Q. Is it safe or possible to wear regular casual socks for workouts?

Answer: That’s not a wise option I would say. Workout socks are specially designed. But casual socks are not. It’s not safe also. Casual socks can slip during stretching and you might get hurt in that.

Q. Can a workout sock keep me warm in winter?

Answer: It depends on the material of the sock. You may stay warm in workout socks in the winter while working out. The reason behind this is, your body will produce heat at that time. But wearing them without workout time might not help you a lot. Go for the woolen socks to keep you warm.

Final Thought 

Finding workout socks for women is not that hard. All you need to know is the features and you will be successful. After vast research on about 100+ workout socks, we have successfully come up with the top 10 best socks for women. I hope our research and review will help you to choose your desired workout socks.

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