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Being overweight or getting some extra weight is always dangerous. This is proven that being overweight is the main reason behind so many serious diseases including cardiac diseases. So, it’s always good to be informed about your own weight. 

What could be more interesting than having your own weight machine in your bathroom? I am sure you would love to measure your weight after working out and before taking bath. But some bathroom scales are not just for measuring weight, they can give you precise readings about the mass of your muscle and the amount of fat that you have. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best home bathroom scales in the following article.

10 Best Bathroom Scale

I know you guys really trust our expert team and their findings. Like previous times, our team has successfully listed 10 of the best home bathroom scales. Let’s not waste time and take a look at the reviews now:

1. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology

Etekcity is known for making some of the best quality, high-performance, and innovative products. This bathroom weight scale has been one of the best-selling brands in the US. They have been producing these for the past 8 years. That mean, they have a good amount of professional experience in this field. 

The accuracy and efficiency of this scale are overwhelmed by so many people around the world. It has four sensors which are so sensitive and precise. It can provide you a 0.1 lb or 0.05kg of preciseness or accuracy. 

Just take a look at the scale, to me, it’s smart and stylish. It has a smooth line design with four classy colors. The 6mm thick tempered glass ensures maximum durability. You will never feel unsafe and uncomfortable while standing on the platform. No chance of slipping the scale as it is well-balanced over the supportive frame and anti-skid paddings. You can trust the sturdiness of this scale with closed eyes. 

Now, let’s come to the use of this scale. It’s so simple and easy that everyone can use it with ease. The LCD screen is so simple and easy to read. It comes with an automatic system that includes a switch on and off, a low battery, and overload indicators. 


1. 2 different measuring units.

2. Four different colors to match the ambiance of your house.


1. It lacks some smart features like BMI and others.

2. RENPHO Smart Scale for Body Weight

This amazing smart bathroom scale is at the top of our list. It has all the features to be at the top. 

This smart scale is very easy to operate. All you need is to connect it with Fitbit or Google Fit app and configure it. After that, you will have access to the amazing 13 features of this scale. 

Besides measuring your weight, you will be able to measure the body mass index (BMI), and basal metabolic rate (BMR) with this smart scale. Body fat, subcutaneous fat, vascular fat, body water, skeleton muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age, and fat-free body weight are some of the exclusive features of this smart scale. All these features from this scale are available in the app.

You can download these two apps from the App store or from Google Play. Another interesting thing about this is, you can even connect it to your apple watch.

Multiple people can use this scale. It can store the data and has the feature to track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. If you set your goal and are distracted from it, the scale will notify you about that and keep you on track toward your goal. 

There is a baby’s body in it. You can switch it to measure the weight of your baby or pets. 

The weight of this scale is only 500g and with four highly sensitive electrodes, it can give you precise readings. 


1. It can take up to 180kg of weight.

2. It’s protected with durable tempered glass. 


1. If any of the corners touch anything, there is a chance of having wrong measures.

3. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Well, this is another great product or innovation from Etekcity. As I have said earlier, Etekcity has a reputation for producing some high-performing and innovative products. It has been the number one brand for producing the best home bathroom scale for measuring weight.

This digital body weight machine can give you precise and accurate weight. That is possible because of the high-precision sensors. Let me tell you one secret, high-precision sensor is their core technology and the reason behind their preciseness. 

This cool-looking weight machine has a minimal design. It’s so simple and fits with every style and décor. You can keep it anywhere you want. Your living room, bathroom, gym, and every corner is suitable for this scale to keep. 

No doubt this scale is durable. It can hold up to 180kg of weight. The platform of this scale is made from tempered glass. The glass is thick enough to hold any pressure. The thickness is about 6mm. This tempered glass ensures durability and maximum comfort. 

The platform is large enough to be comfortable. The size of the scale is about 11.9*11.9 inches. The balance of the scale is maintained by a supportive frame. Don’t worry, the anti-skid paddings won’t let the scale slip. So, no chance of any accidents. 

The scale is very easy to operate. The blue LCD display is very easy to read. It runs on a pair of 1.5 AAA batteries. 


1. There are 2 different units available for measuring.

2. Automatic on/off and low battery signal feature.


1. Touching the corners with other objects may affect the results.

4. INEVIFIT Highly Accurate Digital Bathroom Body Scale

Enough of the lazy lives! It’s high time you must take control of your fitness to have a healthier life! INEVIFIT digital bathroom scale will help you to achieve this goal. 

Well, I must say, it gives a premium feel when you step onto it. The scale will ensure the best and ultimate experience. 

To achieve your fitness goal, it’s important to track and maintain your body weight. This scale from INEVIFIT can give you an accurate result. 

The construction and design of this bathroom scale are very simple. The simplicity and convenience make it the best at-home bathroom scale. The auto-calibrating sensor can give you precise measurements. The bright LED screen is 3.6 inches which are large in size. so, you won’t have any difficulty seeing the readings.

It has the ability to give you a 0.1kg accuracy which is great. You can measure up to 180kg or 400 lbs on this bathroom scale. 

The design is so soothing and elegant. It’s made from top-quality materials. 

It’s very easy to use. All you have to do is just step on it. The scale will be lit up and show you the result. Well, it’s a smart scale that has sensors that automatically switch on or off the device. 


1. 7 days customer support with 5 years warranty.

2. Automatic sensor saves the power of the batteries. 


1. One single color option.

5. Etekcity Smart Scale for Body Weight

As we know, Etekcity is the leading body weight scale-producing brand in the US, there is no doubt it will dominate our list as well. We talked about some digital bathroom scales from this company earlier. Now, our experts have found a smart scale for you.

This is an infrared and Bluetooth-connected smart device. You can connect this scale to your smartphone. You can install several apps to run this app on your phone. They are Google Fit, Apple Health, FitBit, Samsung Health, and MyFitnessPal. These apps are available on the App store and Google play. 

You can operate this scale with voice commands. It’s simple, connect the VeSync app to Amazon Alexa and give her the command about your scale. VeSync app will track your weight progress and notify the results. 

The scale can show you consistent and precise results every time. All you need to do is just put the scale on a flat and steady surface and stand over it with minimal clothing. 

This smart scale will not only show you your weight. This will help you have some more information about BMI, body fat, protein, muscle mass, fat-free body weight, visceral fat, body water, bone mass, BMR, metabolic age, and many more. 

This scale is designed in a thoughtful way and it’s well spacious. It’s about 11.8*11.8*1 inch. It has an LCD display which is clear and bright. 


1. High accuracy level.

2. Powered with 3 1.5V AAA batteries. 


1. Available in only black.

6. Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

Etekcity has a number of weight scales. This High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is one of those excellent products. When you talk about the best home bathroom scale for accuracy, this model from Etekcity will always come at the top. 

The company has made it with an experience of 8 years. They have 4 high-precision sensors at four corners. This is the main technology behind every accurate reading of this scale. 

The extra-large platform and weight capacity have made this scale different from other bathroom scales. The size of the platform is 13.8*11.8*0.9. This size is larger than usual scales. Even the display is larger than regular ones. The size of the display is 3.9*2 inches. It will become easier to see the reading on the display. You can weigh up to 440 pounds or 200kg. This also allows measuring different ranges of weight. 

The construction of the scale is very durable. 6mm tempered glass made this possible. The anti-skid padding and strong supportive frame have increased the safety of this scale. 

The digital scale offers you an automatic on/off the technology with low battery and overload indicators. It powers up with a pair of AAA batteries. 


1. Smart-looking design.

2. Automatic switching saves power.


1. Might be slightly bigger for smaller bathrooms.

7. FITINDEX Smart Scale for Body Weight, Digital Bathroom Scale

Nowadays, the demand for smart bathroom weight scales is increasing rapidly. Those of you, who are looking to have the best home digital bathroom scale, can choose it from FITINDEX. 

Smart scales are not only for measuring body weight. You will have so many interesting features in this smart scale. They are body fat, BMR, muscle mass, body water, bone mass, metabolic age, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, fat-free weight, subcutaneous fat, BMI, and protein measurement. These are measured with the help of advanced BIA technology. 

To access all these interesting features, all you need to do is just install a user-friendly app that is FITINDEX App. You can sync your data with Google Fit, Samsung Health, FitBit, and Apple Watch. You can set your fitness goal on the app and track your progress there every day.

There is no limit on users on the app. You can also activate the baby mode to measure the weight and growth of your baby on the device. The setup and installation are very easy. After you download the app, connect it via Bluetooth. Make sure you set the scale in a flat and steady place before measuring. 

The scale has high-quality tempered glass at the top. It has stepper technology. That means it will turn on when you step onto it and turn off after stepping down from the scale. It can measure up to 180kg of weight.


1. Multi-user facility.

2. Data security with no chance of third-party interference. 


1. Battery may run out a little sooner. 

8. RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale

When it comes to accuracy and the best home bathroom scale for accuracy, this digital bathroom scale from RENPHO will surely be on the top of the list. 

Almost every time when you will measure on this scale, you will have an exact reading from the scale. There are 4 high-precision sensors on the scale. These sensors work together to measure a perfect and accurate weight. It’s down about 0.05kg. you can easily measure about 180kg of weight on this scale. 

You will have a step-on technology on this digital scale. It will start automatically and give you a perfect result as soon as you get on to it.

The design of the scale is pretty cute. It has round corners and a tempered glass top. The glass is 5mm thick. The surface is sleek. So, it’s quite easy to clean the surface. 

The nice slim design of the bathroom scale makes it compact and a space saver. It fits in any corner of your bathroom or living room. The size of the scale is 10.2*10.2inch

There are some additional features of this scale. You will have an automatic on-and-off system with low battery and overload indicators.


1. Slim and smart design.

2. Have a strong bearing surface. 


1. Can be a little small for people with large feet.

9. EatSmart Precision Plus Digital Bathroom Scale

From the name of the brand, it is easily understandable that this brand is increasing awareness about a healthy lifestyle. To maintain that healthy life they have introduced this bathroom scale. You can keep track of your weight with this scale.

This is a classic bathroom weight scale. The main difference with regular weight scales is the size. It’s quite oversized and wide. The platform will give you more space than other scales. This scale is 15.375 inches wide and 11.75 inches tall. Another difference with other scales is the thickness of the tempered glass. It’s 8mm thick whereas most of the glasses are 6mm thick.

It has a bright LCD display. It’s also larger than others. The size of the display is 3.6*2 inches. The digits have larger fonts. They will be displayed over a bright blue display. This display is visible from a certain distance and you can see this even in darker places.

As I have said earlier the platform is quite spacious, then it’s obvious that it can hold even more weight. You can measure about 200kg of weight on this scale. 

This bathroom scale has a step on technology. As soon as you step on the scale, it will light automatically and will respond very quickly. You will see your weight in no time. When you will get down from the scale, it will shut down on its own. In that way, the scale saves power from draining. There are 2 AAA-size batteries in the scale to power it up.


1. Bigger space to help people with large feet and heavyweight.

2. Metal finishing makes it durable.


1. Available only in silver color. It will get dirty soon.

10. EatSmart Precision 550 Pound Extra-High Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale

Sometimes, size does matter. If you need a bigger or wider scale, a regular scale will not do the job for you. So, it’s better to have a spacious scale at home. Here is a plus-size scale made by EatSmart. 

The first thing that will catch your eye about this scale is its wide size of it. The size of the platform is 15*13 inches. No matter how big your foot is, this scale will accommodate that. The platform is made for heavy feet with stainless steel. It’s also fingerprint resistant and based on glass.

You will have a larger display on this bathroom scale. The size is about 3.5*2.25 inches. The display has a bright blue background with even larger fonts. You can read them from quite a long distance and they are readable in less light also. 

There are four high-precision sensors on all four corners of the scale. These sensors calculate and show the weight immediately and accurately. When the scale will finish taking the measurement, it will make 3 beep sounds. After that, it will show you the result. 

Worried about your extra weight? Don’t worry, it can measure up to 550 lb or 250kg. The reading will be in 0.2lb increments. No doubt, this is currently the highest in the market. 

The scale is well aware of saving its battery. It can switch off automatically after a few seconds.


1. Snit skid foot pads prevent it from slipping.

2. Advanced step-on technology ensures fast results. 


1. It might take a little more space.

Best Home Bathroom Scale – Buying guide

Being overweight is the main reason behind so many dangerous diseases. People nowadays are getting aware of this danger. Most people are trying to maintain their weight and that’s why they need to keep track of their fitness goals. What can be a good solution than having your own weight scale at home? 

There are so many types of bathroom scales available in the market. You may get lost among those and may be wondering how and which one you may buy for yourself! Don’t worry; we will guide you through this. There are a few things that you should consider before buying a weight scale. Here are some more extra tips for you:

Know your needs

Before you buy your weight scale, it’s important that you know why you are willing to buy one. If you are buying one just to measure your weight casually, you can have a simpler one.

But, if you are willing to set a fitness goal and want to keep track of your progress, it’s better to go for the special ones. You can buy digital scales or smart scales. You can keep your records and compare your current results with previous ones in a smart bathroom scale.

I think I have made the point clear about buying the perfect one that you need.

How to maintain your bathroom scale

Buying a scale is not everything. This is not a single-use product. Before you went on and buy a scale, you must know about maintaining the scale. Let’s talk about some small but important things about taking care of a bathroom scale;

1. Always keep your scale on a steady and even place. It’s very important. If you put the scale in an uneven place, it can cause an accident. You may fall over from the scale and hurt your ankle. Your machine can also get damaged. Sometimes putting on such floors may not give you exact reading and you will get a satisfactory result.

2. Keep track of the battery life. It’s better to remove the dying battery from the scale before it dies completely. Sometimes we don’t use the scale for a long time and don’t know whether the battery is ok or not. A dead battery can damage your scale. 

3. Always remove the batteries when you are going to keep them ideal for a long time. The machine the scale will be in a good condition.

4. Make sure the scale is not touching anything while you step on it for measuring. There is a huge possibility that you will not have an exact reading.

5. As we are talking about bathroom scales, there might be water in the bathroom. Make sure your scale doesn’t have contact with water. Most of the scales are not water resistant. So, water can damage your scale.

6. Never step on your scale with dirty feet. I am sure; you would not want to see your scale full of dirt!

7. Don’t put excess weight on your scale. Before stepping on the scale, know the maximum weight your scale can handle.

8. Never wear excess clothes while taking your weight. It may affect your scales’ reading.

Features to look at

The best home bathroom scale must have some common features. Special or smart scales have some extra features which are so exciting and amazing. You must consider these things about the bathroom scale before you buy one.

Here are the things that you need to consider:

Digital scale

Your bathroom scale must be a digital one. Analog ones are so outdated. Besides that, they are not precise. Most of the digital and smart scales that are available these days are pretty precise. Digital scales have the ability to give you the perfect measurement.

Thick tempered glass

Temper glass and its thickness is important for bathroom scales. Most of the scales that you will see in the market have tempered glass on top. For some scales, this glass is the main body. So, it’s important that they should be strong enough to hold the weight. 

In general, the thickness of the glass depends on the weight capacity and that is 6mm. But for high-capacity scales, the thickness is 8mm. So, make sure your scale has tempered glass of proper thickness. 

High-precision sensors

An ideal and good-quality scale should have this feature. These sensors are placed at the four corners of the scale. With these sensors, a scale can give precise results. These sensors collect the pressure from all parts of the platform and calculate them all to find the final weight. That means you should choose a scale that has this feature.

Steady platform

The platform of the scale must be steady. Without steadiness, it’s impossible to have an exact result.

Anti-slip cushioning

A good scale must have anti-slip cushioning. It helps the scale to stand still and prevents any unwanted accidents. 

Bright and clear display

A bright and clear display with a large font is a basic requirement for a best-at-home bathroom scale. You will see your weight while standing on the scale. So, it should be that large enough and bright enough. Don’t forget to check the display before buying.

Easy app control for smart bathroom scales

You can connect a smart bathroom weight scale to your mobile phone or even to your apple watch. The control of the scale is done with some apps that are installed on your phone. Make sure you are familiar with the app. 

You also need to be sure that the app is compatible with your mobile phone. If you have this right, you will have access to so many interesting features. 

These are some of the basic things to look at before buying the correct bathroom scale for your home. These guidelines will help you to choose the right one. 

Frequently asked question – FAQ

Question: What are the differences between a digital scale and a smart scale?

Answer: Every smart scale is a digital scale but all digital scales are not smart scales. The main difference between these scales is their operating process and features. Smart scales can be connected to mobile phones and Apple watches. One can easily access so many features like BMI calculation, muscle mass calculation, and so many other things. You can also store your previous data on the app on a smart scale. These facilities are not available on a general digital scale.

Question: Are all bathroom scales waterproof?

Answer: No, they are not. But some of the bathroom scales are waterproof. No matter whether they are waterproof or not, you should be careful about this. Never let your scale touch any water. If you want to be sure about this, go through the user manual of your bathroom scale to know whether they are waterproof or not.

Question: Can there be any difference between my actual weight and the weight that a scale shows?

Answer: yes, there can be a difference if the scale has some faults. But even in some very high-quality scales, there can be a difference. But that difference is very small. Sometimes it’s about 0.05kg. But it varies from scale to scale. Wearing too many clothes or heavy clothes can also affect reading. But, the best home bathroom scale should be as accurate as possible.


A bathroom scale plays a very well supportive role to achieve a fitness goal. You can always keep track of your progress. A bathroom scale is also useful to know the weight of your baby. Some smart bathroom scales can help you with many health features also. Choosing the best bathroom scale for your house is not a very hard task. Our team has tried to make it even easier for you. I hope our research and reviews will help you to select the best and most suitable scale for you. Stay conscious about your health and let’s achieve the fitness goal together.  

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