Best High Neck Sports Bra Reviews and Buying Guide

Since the invention of sports bras in 1977, the popularity of this product is increasing day by day. The main reason behind its popularity is its multipurpose use and body-shaping capability.

These sports bras are not like the regular ones. They are designed to give support to the chest and back. Women who do yoga, workouts, or take part in various sports or athletics love this inner very much. Not only that, some women love to wear them inside blazers as formal fashion wear.

 Many of you ladies requested me to come up with some best quality high-neck sports bras. Sorry for the late coming but in this period we have done collective research on this type of bra. And after researching and going through lots of customer reviews we have listed the 10 best out of them. I will try to give a detailed review of those in the following part.

Top 10 Best High Neck Sports Bra Reviews

1. Lykoxa High Neck Sports Bra for Women Longline Full Coverage

With a huge number of positive reviews, this one is at the top of your list. With a buttery soft texture, Lykoxa high neck bras give you a long line full coverage facility. It covers the full back part of your body with no cross straps at the back. So there is no chance of exposure.

 Don’t worry about matching your size; they have a lot of available sizes. Even if you cannot match your size and receive a wrong-sized bra, they are offering you a free return or exchange policy.

 This racerback sports bra is made from a very stretchy, lightweight, and breathable fabric. The main part of the fabric is nylon and the rest is spandex.

 The unique design and feathery soft fabric give you both a fashionable look and freedom of movement while working out.  No matter how much you sweat, you will never feel wet and damp in this built-in bra. This high-neckline sports bra has removable padding that is made from the best quality fabric. They are safely kept inside a built-in shelf bra. They will not fall from the bra until you take them out of it.

 This is a multipurpose bra. The sporty design makes it suitable for using it in any sport. A woman can also wear this bra for running, jogging, and yoga or even at the gym. It’s so fashionable and classy in design that you can also wear this inside a formal or casual blazer.

 Unlike other sports bras, this bra has a soft and perfect tailoring line. So, the lady who is wearing this won’t get bothered about the friction between her skin and the thread.

  • 1. Easy to wash. Can be washed in the washing machine also.
  • 2. Gives a smart, gorgeous, and cute outlook.
  • 1. The elasticity can get a little loose if washed in hot water.


2. SYROKAN Women’s High Neck High Impact Sports Bra

SYROKAN Women’s High Neck Sports Bra is the first choice of so many women athletes and sportswomen. They produce very good quality high-impact sports bras. This one is one of their best sports bras and most liked in the runner’s world.

 First, comes the fabric. It’s a very high-performance lightweight fabric that is made from a perfect mixture of polyamide and spandex. Polyamide ensures the silkiness and softness of the fabric. So, spandex makes sure of its’ elasticity. So, the bra is both soft and stretchable at the same time.

 This sports bra has cross-pattern straps at the back. This design makes it look attractive and breathable. If you are a little chubby, this bra will help you to cover the bulk by compressing them inside. This will also make sure you are not exposing it sideways.

 The best thing that I liked most about this bra is the adjustable shoulder straps. If they feel too tight on your shoulder, you can always adjust the straps according to your comfort. These bras also have a hook and eye-closing system. The clasps are very well built to hold it even in an immense pressure situation.

 The fabric has a mesh-like construction to make it breathable. Mesh panels wick the moisture and sweat from your body and help to make you feel dry and comfortable.

 You will also have a padded facility and obviously, these bras are wireless. The cups will help to maintain the shape of your breast. It will give support against bouncing and you will not feel embarrassed.  All these features make it the best high neck high impact sports bra.

  • 1. Covers cleavage and sideways.
  • 2. Padded straps don’t dig into the skin.
  • 3. Best for high-impact workouts.
  • 1. Not washable in the washing machine. (will need a lingerie bag to be washed in the washing machine)


3. Star Vibe High Neck Sport Bra

This high-neck sports bra is at the top of my wish list and it’s my personal favorite one. If you get your size right, I am sure you are gonna also love this one too. The smooth silky-soft fabric will make you fall in love with this sports bra.

 The fabric is made from a mixture of polyester and spandex. The perfect blend of these materials makes it stretchable in four ways. This amazing low-impact sports bra is so soft that you may feel you are wearing nothing. Its flexibility and softness feel like a second skin. It’s not only soft; this bra can keep you dry and hydrated. The breathability of its’ fabric and moisture-wicking fabric made it possible.

 This racerback-designed bra covers your body and minimizes exposure. The inner chest strap works as a supportive chest band and prevents impact. This bra compresses your back and makes you look sexy and stylish.

 The removable padding gives your breasts extra support and holds them from bouncing. It also stables the inner bust band.

 This bra is both fitness-friendly and classic in style. Some corporate women love to wear this tank top inside their blazers or shirt. They are also suitable for yoga, workout, running, and as gym outfits.

  • 1. Classic and moderate gentle look.
  • 2. 4-way stretchability makes it more comfortable and gives medium support.
  • 1. Limited color options.


4. Niksa Racerback Sports Bras for Women

This drop-shaped racerback sports bra from Niksa is very popular among so many sportswomen. They love to wear this amazing bra for so many excellent features. If you are a professional athlete or doing your training for boxing or even if you are a regular workout woman, I would recommend you this high-neck sports bra.

 The fabric of this bra is made from very quality materials like nylon and spandex. The perfect blending of this material makes the fabric wear-resistance and they never get any wrinkle.

 Sweat will no anymore create any disturbance in your workouts. This bra can soak moisture and can dry very quickly to help you feel dry and fresh. The high flexibility and elasticity give you ample support and freedom.

 The shoulder straps are wide. Wide shoulder straps and racerback can minimize the pressure against your shoulder and give all the support. They support you against the shock that can be created due to the nature of your workout. You are also getting removable pads to support your breasts. To add some comfort, these pads are made from some open mesh breathable material. To hold them in right place, there is some inner stitching. But a built-in support band would have made it even better.

 The stitch lines are so smooth. No chance of uncomfortable rubbing with your skin.

  • 1. Wide straps and spoon collar ensures the most coverage and there is no side exposing of breasts.
  • 2. Can be used for multiple workouts.
  • 1. Only 5 color options are available.


5. CRZ YOGA Ulti-Dry High Neck Longline Sports Bra for Women

From the name above, you can easily guess what is going to be the main feature of this sports bra. Yes, quick drying and sweat-wicking fabric are the main focus of it. This excellent fabric is made from a mix of polyester and elastane. It helps you stay dry while you work out.

 So, to make your workouts and training more comfortable they have made this one with a 4-way stretchable fabric. To increase flexibility, the lining fabric is made from a mix of cotton, polyester, and elastane.

 You are also getting removable pads with a built-in bra facility. It will ensure more comfort and support to your chest. Besides that, you don’t need to worry about exposing your breasts. A high neck will restrict exposure and there are no side views also. The racerback design compresses your back firmly to give you the greatest support. You may not feel any pressure on your back while moving forward or sideways.

 This classic high-neck sports bra is quite good for mid-range physical activities like yoga, running, ballet dancing, gym workouts, etc.

  • 1. Classic design makes you look more comfortable.
  • 2. Provides support against medium impacts.
  • 1. Should have some more color variants.


6. CRZ YOGA Women’s High Neck Longline Cropped Sports Bra

This is another excellent sports bra from CRZ YOGA. They focus on different parts of the bras in their different models. In the previous one, they focused on breathability. Now they have worked on the softness and comfort of this model.

 To make it feel soft, they used a fabric that is a mix of polyamide and spandex on the body part. They know what to put where. To make it more stretchy and to increase the elasticity, the ratio of polyamide and spandex has changed a bit on the lining.

 As a result of this perfect mixture of materials, this crop top has become very well-breathable. it has the sweat-wicking capability. Also, it has become so stretchy that you can stretch it in all 4 ways.

 This high neck longline sports bra is so lightweight and soft that you might start feeling nude. But don’t worry; because of the high crew neck, your breasts will be completely hidden. Even side views are also blocked.

 The wide straps will hold onto your shoulder gently. No chance of digging into your skin. You are also having a built-in shelf bra facility here with removable pads. This will give your boobs some additional support and prevent them from shaking.

 The racerback crisscross design will make you feel very confident and look beautiful. You can customize your fashion and wear them with yoga pants. Try them also with denim with a blazer on top of it will make you look more attractive. You can also wear it at the gym or while doing any exercise or workout.

  • 1. To ensure airflow to your skin, there is a keyhole at the back.
  • 2. Wicks sweat and moisture to keep you dry.
  • 1. Would have been great if there was an adjustable strap.


7. CRZ YOGA High Neck Longline Sports Bra for Women – V-Back

When I was having my trial with this sports bra, I was so amazed by its’ quality. The comfort was immense. There are very few sports bras that have a V-shape back.

 This amazing V-shape back and high neck ensure extra coverage to your curved panel. The sideways are also nicely covered. You will look stunning with a V-shape pink high-neck sports bra with high-rise leggings or with denim.

 This bra is fashionable and as well as helpful for supporting your back. It also compresses your back and chest. That gives you an amazing shape.

 Now come to the fabric. Like other sports bras of this company, this one is also made from a very soft and stretchy fabric. The fabric is made from polyamide and spandex. but the ratio of them is different in the body and lining. Spandex holds a bit extra at the lining to make it stretchy. I must say they are very successful in their experiment as the fabric has become 4 way stretchable.

 Removable breast cups are able to give some extra support and allow you to move freely.  With these very features, this is the best high neck sports bra in many women’s opinion.

 So, if you are finding the best women’s high neck sports bra for low-impact exercises like yoga or running this tank top can be the right sports bra for you.

  • 1. Smooth stitching will prevent chafing.
  • 2. Both fashionable and sporty.
  • 1. Can be a little less breathable.


8. Womens High Neck Sports Bra by Pfreesea

Well, this high-neck workout sports bra can be a real game-changer. It’s so unique and fashionable. You don’t need any outerwear if you wear this one. You will definitely stand out from the crowd and look very attractive and sexy as well. This is surely a girlfriend collective one.

 Women with larger chests will love this one. The built-in bra with a removable pad will compress against the chest and give a nice shape. The crisscross band straps can provide more support to the back and to the chest. So, when you run or jump, your boobs will bounce much less.

 You will never run hot wearing this tank top. They are so breathable and moisture-wicking. You will stay dry after a hard workout also. This is one of the best high neck high impact sports bra which helps to perform medium to high-impact activities. You can do yoga, running, gym activities, judo, boxing, and lots of other high-performance activities with this high-impact bra.

 Though they are so impactful, they are so soft and can give you a naked and buttery soft feeling. The fabric is a perfect mix of nylon and spandex. To help you do more hard workouts, the company has made the fabric much more compressing and stretchy. They are lightweight and durable.

  • 1. Can be used as both sportswear and fashion wear.
  • 2. Extra layer of back straps prevents chafing.
  • 1. Some more color options could make it much better.


9. CRZ YOGA Womens High Neck Front Zip Sports Bra

I have told you before that CRZ YOGA has a reputation for making unique and excellent sports bras. Just look at this one. You must have seen those actresses wearing these tops in some Hollywood action movies! Now, you can have one for yourself also.

 I would suggest you this top if you are going through any strength training and want to buy a new sports bra. For low to medium-impact workouts like yoga, running, and ballet dancing this can be an ideal one to choose.

 It has a both front zipper and hook and eye closure facility. So, you may not find it tough to wear them or take them off unlike the figure eight pattern bras. Changeable pads and light compression makes sure there is minimal bounce and you don’t feel shy.

 The fabric is so soft and lightweight that you may feel naked after wearing this. This soft fabric is made from brilliant materials like polyamide and spandex. it offers moderate elasticity and a moisture-wicking facility. The breathable fabric makes sure you stay cool and dry.

 A high neckline hides your curves and ensures complete coverage of your breasts. When you are looking for ample support, the wide straps and racerback design will fulfill your needs.

  • 1. Unique design with extra coverage.
  • 2. Sizes are very accurate.
  • 1. Fewer color options with no bright colors.


10. BALEAF Women’s High Neck Sports Bra Longline Adjustable Straps

Most women with larger breasts worry a lot about coverage and support while choosing their sports bra. This wonderful bra can be a great solution for those of you.

 This BALEAF sports bra is a high neck and longline one. It gives you full coverage. You don’t need to worry about showing your cleavage. Whether you bend over or jump, cleavage will never pop out from the tops. The elastic hem is able to hold onto your skin.

 You will also get adjustable straps in this bra. To help you adjust, there are rings on the back strap. If your boobs pop out from sideways, you can now hide the reflective details by repositioning the adjustable straps.

 This one is ideal for an avid runner or some medium-impact workouts, and sports like tennis and yoga. You can wear it as fashion wear also. With a short black skirt or high-rise black pants you can wear this best white high neck sports bra. I am sure you will look stunning and elegant.

 There are removable pads as well on this top. You can replace them or change them according to your cup sizes. Before you order this one, measure your cup size and ask the seller about it.

 The top has sweat-wicking fabrics and they feel soft and lightweight. You may feel it as your second skin and just feel the workout.

  • 1. Elegant look with soft stretchy fabric.
  • 2. Can be washed by hand or in a mesh lingerie bag.
  • 1. Only available in 4 colors..


Best High Neck Sports Bra – Buying Guide

The sports bra is not like a regular panache bra or molded cups bra. They are special-purpose bras. Especially women who work out or go to the gym or are involved in some kind of sports activity, choose to wear sports bras. But nowadays, so many women are going for these sports bras as their inners.

 Many women prefer to wear this to keep their breasts shaped. In our research on so many sports bras, we have pointed out some features that you may find in a sports bra while you buy one for yourself. Let’s take a look at those now:

 How to wear a high-neck bra?

If sports bras are new to you, then you must know how to wear them. To wear high-neck sports bras, you need to wear them over your head. most high-neck sports bras have adjustable straps that you have to close from behind. But there are some sports bras that have front zippers. They are easy to wear like a shirt. Be careful while high neck sports bras, don’t wear them with deep-cut t-shirts.

what bra do you wear with high-neck tops?

You must respect your fashion sense. Don’t choose sports bras that are not suitable for your outfit. If high-neck tops are your favorite, you must wear a strapless bra with that top. There are some bras that encircle your chest and middle back. You will also find some molded cups bras with removable straps. they are also suitable for wearing with tops that have a high neckline.

High-impact sports bras for high-impact workouts

 Well, this is very important. If you are a professional athletic woman who needs to do a lot of hard workouts and training, then high-impact bras are necessary for you. A low or medium-support bra will not do the job for you.

 High-impact sports bras can hold on to the immense pressure and stretching that you would do. Weight lifting, push-ups, judo, wrestling, and some acrobatic sports need you to wear these bras. Before you buy your bra, make sure its intensity is high and can hold the pressure of your workout.

Check the flexibility of sports bras

 Flexibility is another thing that differentiates sports bras from regular bras. The fabric of the bra must be stretchable to a certain point. High-intensity workouts need flexibility the most.

 Without flexibility, you may feel a huge discomfort while you work out. Moving and stretching will be impossible without flexibility. How do you know which bra is flexible? Well, look for the material of the fabric. Spandex is the material that makes the fabric stretch.

 So, look for bras that have spandex in their fabric.

Wide shoulder straps

 Bras with wide straps are much more comfortable. Straps that are thin can dig into your skin and hurt you. Gel-cushioned straps are best. They are wide and cushioned with soft material that will never hurt you.

Adjustable straps

 If possible, then go for a sports bra that has adjustable shoulder straps. It’s important for women who have a larger chest. This strap gives you the freedom of setting your desired length of coverage. You can also fix the fitting with them.

Right sports bra must have breathability

 A good quality sports bra must be breathable. Airflow is so important in workouts. Our body temperature rises when run or work out. We start to sweat. When there is space for air to go in and out, it helps to stay cool.

 Bras with breathability wick moisture and dry more quickly than others. Every best high neck sports bra should have this feature.

Maximum coverage

 I am sure you wouldn’t like to expose your breasts or like them to pop up from your tops. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your bra is covering you properly.

 The best high neck sports bra gives you proper coverage and more support for your boobs. Only covering the front is not enough sometimes. Boobs can be seen from sideways also. So, double check you are all covered up.

 But there are some sports bras that don’t cover the sideways properly. You can always look for the best high neck halter sports bra. They cover the front as well as the sideways. Or you can even choose from our list. They are all best that we have listed.

Molded cups sports bra

 When going for molded cups sports bras, you must be accurate about your cup size. Otherwise, it will not fit properly on you. Instead of that, go for the removable padding ones.

Dear ladies, that’s all I can suggest to you for choosing the right sports bra for you. Make sure you are well aware of your needs and that the bra has all the features that I have described. if you know other features, let us know.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is a hook and eye closure system good for high-impact bras?

Answer: Yes! Why not? The hook and eye closure system makes it easier for a woman to maintain her sports bras. But for a higher-impact workout, the clasps need to be very good in quality. And band sizes also need to be perfect.

Q. which helps to stay dry more- mesh panels or sweat-wicking fabric?

Answer: Well, both of them help to stay dry. The fabric helps to remove sweat and keep you dry. Mesh panels help to flow air which also keeps you dry. So, both of them provide extra support to keep you dry.

Q. Are cup sizes important for h back sports bras?

Answer: Cup sizes are always important for all sports bras. A large or small size cup cannot provide you with proper support. Even it’s important for removable padding also.


 A woman who workouts regularly know the value of a good quality sports bra. We have done a whole lot of research over the last few months. We have collected many reviews and comments. After summarizing all of them, the result is here in front of you. I hope we are successful to provide you with the right information.

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