Friends, if you are reading this, which means you are surely a gym enthusiast. Because only a gym lover or gym freak knows the necessity of keeping his/her wet gym clothes separate.

Probably you don’t want to keep those sweaty clothes in your gym bag to make it smelly. Also, you would not like other belongings to seep moisture. And I guess this is the main reason why you are searching for the best bag for wet gym clothes.
We have done vast research on the best waterproof bag for wet gym clothes based on some facilities. Those are size, comfort, durability, price and if those bags are handy or not.

In this article, I will review the top 10 best bags for your wet gym clothes and I will also talk about why this bag is necessary.

Best Bag for Wet Gym Clothes Review

1. Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag (smart & cosy design)

“Bumkins waterproof wet bag,” the name says it all. These bags from Bumkins are waterproof and designed to carry wet clothes.

The fabric of this bag is called ‘SuperBib” and it is one of the best for its waterproofing capability. This bag has a smooth zipper closure that helps to open and close it easily and smoothly. On the other hand, it has a single-ply construction. That means there is only one layer of super waterproof fabric. So, you don’t need to worry about the icky stuff that grows between the layers of fabrics.

Bumkins waterproof wet bag is very lightweight. The weight is only a couple of ounces and measures a little larger than a standard notebook. So, you can easily fold it and carry it inside your gym bag or even in your pockets.

This wet bag has a very strong snap handle. With the help of this snap handle, you can hang it wherever you want to.

While you are looking for the best bag for sweaty gym clothes, I am sure you would love to have a bag which you can use for multiple purposes. Yes, you can use this one as a travel laundry bag and also can carry toys, accessories, diapers and anything you want. Besides your wet gym clothes, you can carry your swimming suits also.

This bag can be a very good alternative to one-time use poly or plastic bags as you can wash it and re-use it from time to time. That means it will save your money for sure.

  • 1. Nice outlooks that fit with any style or place.
  • 2. Very easy to clean and wash.
  • 3. Can carry up to 6 diapers easily.
  • 4. Fits easily inside any gym bag.
  • 1. It might get a little tough to carry the wet clothes of more than one person.

2. Skip Hop Wet Dry Bag, Grab & Go, Chevron (handy)

Skip hop is pretty well known for making wet bags. This bag which I am talking about is one of the smartest of them.

Skip hop wet dry bag is a multipurpose bag that can be very useful for carrying wet clothes from the gym.

This bag is called wet and has a reason behind it. It has two separate compartments. You will see a large pocket with a zipper. That one is for your sweaty gym attires or any other wet gym clothes. The other mesh zippered pocket is there for you to keep dry clothes or other belongings. 

The main body is made of high-quality polyester and the linings are PEVA. This makes it pretty well waterproof.

Skip hop is giving you a larger facility in this wet bag. You can store several wet clothes in the wet compartment. On the other hand, in the dry compartment, you can keep small belongings also.

This bag is washable and reusable. This feature makes it cost-efficient. Washing this bag is quite easy. You can both dry wash it or wash it inside your washing machine.

There is a sturdy strap attached at the top of it which is made of leather and bolted with a metal bolt. You can hang it anywhere like on the wall, on the handle of the stroller or at the hook clip of your gym bag.

People who search for the best gym bag with wet pocket, and also don’t love to carry a large-sized gym bag can have this one. The dual pocket feature makes it the perfect match with this.

  • 1. Larger storage facility
  • 2. Don’t let the odour out.
  • 3. Multipurpose use
  • 1. You have to keep it upright as there can be a slight leakage from the zip line.

3. Itzy Ritzy Sealed Wet Bag with Adjustable Handle (versatile & travel friendly

Looking for a long-lasting and durable bag for your sweaty wet gym clothes? Itzy Ritzy Sealed Wet Bag with Adjustable Handle can be your ultimate choice.

This sealed wet bag is perfect for carrying wet gym attires, swimwear, diapers and many more. This specific model is very travelling friendly also. The adjustable handle helps you hang it with your travel bag, suitcase or baby stroller too.

This particular model is available in both medium and large sizes. So, you can have either of them depending on the number of sweaty wet clothes you need to carry.

The outer fabric is made from 100% pure cotton and is available in so many designs and colours. The inner part is made from polyurethane which makes it waterproof. To secure the closure, the seams are sealed beautifully. That makes it completely leakage and odour-proof. That means if you ever put this bag beside any dry clothes, the dampness and the odour will not come out from this bag.

With the help of the double fabric exterior and interior, this bag ensures maximum protection against odour and dampness.

This bag is reusable and washable. Both dry wash and washing with machines apply to it. Drying this bag is not a big deal, just hang it in the air and let it dry like that.

  • 1. Available in multiple designs and colours.
  • 2. Very lightweight and compact to store.
  • 3. Can hang anywhere with an adjustable strap.
  • 4. Available in multiple sizes.
  • 1. The inner part may stain like most waterproof materials.

4. Wegreeco Reusable Hanging Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bag (spacious)

This bag might seem quite large as a bag for sweaty wet gym clothes. But when you think of using it for multiple tasks; you may find it the best bag for wet clothes.

Storing sweaty gym clothes and wet towels may not need so much space. But when you also want to take your gym shoes with you they might need some space. This Wegreeco Reusable Hanging Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bag will solve this problem for you. The huge amount of space in the bag will allow you to use it as a laundry bag, or diaper bag. You can even carry your wet umbrella on a rainy day from the gym to your way back to your home.

This bag is built with a very high-quality leak-free TPU fabric that makes it odour and waterproof.

2 different compartments in the bag will help you to separate dry clothes from sweaty wet gym clothes. Even if you carry your gym shoes inside this, you can store them in a different compartment from clothes. 

There are straps on each side of the zipper to make it easier to carry. You can also hang it wherever you want. Wegreeco Reusable Hanging Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bag is available in multiple colours. The stitches around it are very precise which makes it more durable. This bag can hold the wet clothes and diaper’s odour for 2/3 days long. 

You can wash this bag and use it for a long time.

  • 1. Machine washable
  • 2. Can store several wet clothes or diapers
  • 3. Long-lasting and have strong straps
  • 4. Two different chambers and both of them are waterproof.
  • 5. Easy to dry in the open air.
  • 1. Quite large for wet gym trousers and a T-shirt.

5. Kanga Care Wet Bag – Bonnie (different & multi-use)

Kanga care is well known for making fancy bags for wet gym clothes, swimming clothes, laundry purposes or to store dirty diapers. This one is among those fancy but useful bags.

This company has thought out of the box. They made a wet bag which is different from regular envelope-shaped wet bags. This specific wet bag looks like a cylinder, for this reason, it can hold several clothes inside it.

You can also use it as your laundry bag in your house. The extraordinary design and colour option make it like a showpiece in your room. There is a heavy-duty colour matching zipper right at the top making it function like a lid. The zipper ends are sealed to make it leak-proof. 

This multipurpose wet bag is made with water-resistant polyester which is solvent-free fabric. Not only that, it is also laminated with thermoplastic polyurethane which makes it completely waterproof. And it can hold the odours from sweaty wet clothes or diapers for a long time inside it.

The heavy-duty and strong strap at the top makes it easy to carry the bag. You can also hang it if you wish to. 

Kanga Care Wet Bag – Bonnie is available in many colours and you can choose any of them. You can wash this bag and use it multiple times.

  • 1. Multipurpose. Can be used as a laundry bag also.
  • 2. Cylinder shape structure helps to contain multiple clothes.
  • 3. Can hold up to 15 diapers.
  • 4. Heavy duty and long-lasting.
  • 5. Re-usable and washable.
  • 1. You cannot machine wash this bag and cannot dry them in the machine as well.

Miamica Travel Laundry Bag (cost efficient)

With a customer review of 4.7 out of 5, this bag is the ultimate choice of most customers and most reviews say it is the best waterproof bag for gym clothes.

You can use this bag as a travelling laundry bag beside your gym wet bag. The expandable feature has made it different from others. When this bag is folded, the size is 6.3*6.2 inches. But when you unfold this, the size becomes 21*22 inches. You can store your whole week’s dirty clothes inside this bag.

This bag is very lightweight and weighs less than 5 ounces. The lightweight and soft fabric makes it so efficient that you can even have it inside your pocket (when folded). The fabric of the bag is polyester which makes it lightweight and durable.

When the bag is folded, it looks like a small cube and it is closed with a zipper. When it’s unfolded, there is a drawstring at the top to close the face of the bag. 

This bag is machine washable and reusable. It’s better than the hotel plastic bags. That means it’s also eco-friendly. The high-quality polyester fabric makes it moist-proof. Though the fabric is lightweight and soft, it’s not easy to tear this.

No matter wherever you are going, this bag will keep your dirty and sweaty clothes separate from your dry and clean clothes. It is only possible when the drawstring is closed properly.

  • 1. Multipurpose use makes it efficient.
  • 2. Resist moisture from spreading
  • 3. Easy to wash in the machine.
  • 4. Don’t take much space in the gym bag or the suitcase.
  • 1. No handle or straps, so it’s tough to carry in your hands.

7. ALVABABY Cloth Diaper Wet Dry Bags (fancy 7 stylish)

I would recommend ALVABABY Cloth Diaper Wet Dry Bags for those who loves something fashionable as their wet bag for gym clothes. These bags come with great designs and colours. 

These bags come as a set of two bags. Each bag has two different compartments. Each compartment has a zipper locking system. These compartments can keep your wet clothes separate from dry ones. Every compartment is sewn and sealed perfectly to avoid leaking. 

These bags have very attractive designs and colours. Good thing is their fabric is made from high-quality waterproof polyester.

The company is offering you a 1-year warranty for their product. You can change your product or give you a refund if you find any problem with them. 

This bag is very lightweight and weighs below 50grams. Though it’s lightweight, it has quite enough space to occupy your sweaty shorts, T-shirt and towel. Or you can store up to 7 cloth diapers if you use them for carrying diapers.

Besides using it as a wet bag for gym clothes, you can use it on the beach also. Two isolated compartments allow you to carry wet or soiled clothes and toiletries items at the same time. This bag can be useful for parents as a diaper carrier wet bag too. The high-quality fabric and well-sealed zipper system will not allow the odour to come out. 

There is a strap attached at the top corner of the bag. It helps you to hang the bag anywhere you love to. Parents can hang it at the back of their bays’ stroller. Another feature of this bag is it’s reusable. You can wash it in the machine and hang it to dry.

  • 1. Two separate wet pockets allow more safety and space
  • 2. Attractive and versatile design and colour combination.
  • 3. Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • 1. You might have some difficulties carrying water-soaked clothes. But you can easily carry wet clothes.

8. THE 365 ACTIVE SAXX BAG (unique & recommended)

THE 365 ACTIVE SAXX BAG has a very unique design and feature and they are waiting for its patent to be approved. If you were looking for the best waterproof bag for gym clothes, then I think your wait is going to be over.

The fabric of this bag is made from polyester and PVC. These make it strong and durable. You don’t have to worry about tearing the bag. This bag is made for the rough and tough people of gyms, travel and adventure lovers. The linings of the inner side and the inner seals hold the fabric strong enough to tear.

Now come to the most unique feature of this bag; this bag can squeeze out the excess liquid from your wet clothes and keeps them odourless for a long time. You just need to put all the clothes inside and roll the bag to the bottom. There is a valve at the end. Open it to release all the excess liquid from your clothes. This process also releases air from inside the bag. Now close the cap and you can tie the bag like that with an elastic strap which is attached at the bottom. Releasing extra water and air will keep your clothes bacteria and odour free.

This bag is so lightweight which is less than 5 ounces. So it’s easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space inside your gym bag or travel bag. Even if you have a wet cloth inside it; all you need to do is just roll it up and tie the strap.

  • 1. Smart and stylish outlook.
  • 2. Re-usable and machine washable.
  • 3. Very easy to dry. (just hang it in the air)
  • 4. Keeps bacteria and odour away.
  • 5. Multipurpose use.
  • 6. Durable and long-lasting.
  • 1. No strap or handle to carry in bare hands.

9. Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag/Dry Bag, 12 x 16 – Rainbows (classic)

Bumkins has built a reputation for making good quality wet bags. Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag/Dry Bag, 12 x 16 – Rainbows is another great product from this company.

From the name you already know it has a mind-blowing design of rainbows on it. This is another combination of dry and wet compartments. There are two pockets in this bag and each of them is zip closed. So the dry and wet clothes will remain dry and wet.

The fabric is made of pure polyester which is immersed with TPU. This excellent technology makes this fabric waterproof and moist proof. No matter how smelly your gym clothes or diapers are, no smell will come out of the bag for sure.

You can use this bag for multiple purposes. For example: carrying your gym clothes, diapers, electronics equipment, accessories, mobiles, tablets, swimsuits, towels etc.

Another good thing about this bag is the edges of the stitch lines are carefully seamed to give maximum protection from wetness. Bumkins have concentrated on the zipper also to eliminate minimum leakage also. This is another feature of a best bag for wet clothes.

This bag is not like one-time-use plastic bags. You can use it for so many days. All you need is to wash it. Washing and drying are not that hard. It is machine washable and to dry it, just hang it in the air.

There is a strap at the top. You can hang it wherever you wish to. You don’t need to worry much to carry it to the gym. It’s very lightweight and will take a small portion of your gym bag.

  • 1. Durable and with no fear of tearing.
  • 2. Maximum protection against odour and moisture.
  • 3. The re-usable facility reduces the wastage of money.
  • 4. Eco friendly
  • 5. Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • 1. Available only in a single size.

10. Parker Baby Cloth Diaper Wet Dry Bag (classic & user-friendly)

If you cannot find the best gym bag with wet pocket, then this bag from Parker can be one of your best options. This bag is useful as well as stylish.

The outlook of this wet bag is very standard and smart with brown and white stripes. This is not only a gym bag for wet clothes but also a good travel bag. Parents can use it to carry essentials for babies and store dirty and wet diapers. If you want then you can also use it as a laundry bag, beach bag or as an organiser inside your suitcase.

There are two different compartments in this bag. One is the waterproof main pocket and another one is the mesh pocket. Botha of them has zippers on them. The fabric of this is made from high-quality nylon. The inner part is covered with PEVA which makes it completely waterproof. The zipper is long-lasting and the enclosures and corners are heated and sealed to eliminate any chance of leakage. The outer pocket or mesh pocket allows you to carry some dry items in it.

This multipurpose wet/dry bag is reusable. It’s easy to wash this in a washing machine. It’s easy to carry and store in your house. Just hang it on the knobs of your door or just hang it on the wall. The adjustable and durable strap will help you to do so.

  • 1. Made of durable nylon fabric. No fear of tearing.
  • 2. Machine washable.
  • 3. Easy to dry. Needs only air to dry.
  • 4. The sealed wet compartment contains odour.
  • 5. Fits perfectly inside any Parker Birch bag.
  • 1. Like other wet bags, you cannot fully fold this bag.

Best Bag for Wet Gym Clothes – Buying Guide

There are certain things that you need to look out for while buying the best bag for wet gym clothes. Here they are:


When you are buying a bag for your wet gym clothes, that bag must have a waterproof feature otherwise your purpose will not serve. A wet bag must have to protect your dry clothes from getting wet from the wet clothes. Buy a bag which is made from good waterproof materials. That should prevent leakage and have to be durable and should hold up to multiple washes. The wet bag should also have the capability to hold odours otherwise the odour may spread in the whole gym bag. 

Design – Wet and Dry compartments

There are 3 types of wet bags available in the market. They are:

  1. Wet bags that have one single compartment,
  2. Wet bags with two different compartments,
  3. Large-sized hanging wet bags or laundry bags to use at home.

Wet bags with one single compartment is suitable when you know you will not have so many sweaty wet clothes at the gym. And you will use this bag at the gym only. Then this could be the choice and can be the best bag for sweaty gym clothes.

These two-compartment bags can be handy for you when you don’t want to carry a large gym bag and carry a very less amount of accessories with you at the gym. After the gym, you can put wet clothes in one and other things in the opposite pocket. These types of bags are used for multiple purposes. Besides a gym bag, if you have plans to use it in your travel as a wet bag or use it to carry wet clothes and other things from the beach, this type of bag is perfect for you.

The large size hanging bag is suitable for storing dirty clothes for your laundry day but at your home. You may not feel comfortable carrying such a large bag to the gym to bring back your wet clothes from there. 

Odour control

It is one of the must-have features of the best gym bag for wet clothes. The bag you are going to buy must have odour control capability. Look for the bag which is best sealed. Bags with zipper closures should prevent odour from spreading. And it should also capable of moisture leaking. Another thing, make sure the zippers open smoothly and there is no gap at the closing end.

Design and outlook

Though it should not matter a lot when choosing the best bag for wet gym clothes, still you can always choose your favourite one. Sometimes you may not find your favourite colour, but the other entire feature matching. Then I would suggest, going for the bag with the best features and keeping the colour aside. But it completely depends on your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the best process to clean a wet bag?

There are generally 2 ways to clean a wet bag; hand wash and machine wash. Some bags have leather straps and hard lining which makes it risky to wash them in the washing machine. Cleaning by hand may seem a little hard but that’s safe for all types of wet bags. I would suggest you read the manufacturer’s manual before washing your bag.

Q. Are the wet bags completely waterproof?

Some bags are completely waterproof and some are moist proof. There is a slight difference between these two. Waterproof means, there should not be a single leakage of water although there is water in it. On the other hand, moist proof means you can put moist clothes; such as sweaty clothes, cloth diapers etc.


Q. How to remove odours of sweat and other dirt from a wet bag?

Maybe your bag is the best bag for sweaty gym clothes, though it can also have odours. Worried about removing odour? It’s very simple! Wash your wet bag inside out. While washing it, don’t just wash it with water, add some detergent with the water. After washing your bag, dry it completely. I would suggest you dry it in the fresh air. Detergent and drying in fresh air remove odour from wet bags.

Q. Are gym wet bags and diaper wet bags the same?

People who buy wet bags often search for the best gym bag for wet clothes. When their likings don’t match with those, they go for separate wet bags to fit in their gym bags. That doesn’t mean you cannot use those bags for some other reasons like carrying the dirty wet diapers of your baby. The purpose of both of them is the same; lock the moist and odour inside the wet bag and keep other dry clothes safe. From that point of view, it’s obvious that gym wet bags and diaper bags are the same.


Q. How long do these bags last?

Most wet bags are reusable and you can use them for a long if you maintain them well. Some of my relatives say, they are using these re-usable wet bags for almost years and they are still the same. So, they last longer but it completely depends on the material of the bag and how you maintain the bag.

Final words

We have done our research on over 150 products and finally, we have come up with the 10 best products among them. While doing our research, we have analysed so many customer reviews about these products.

We hope this research and findings will help you to choose the best product.

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