About us

Living a healthy life needs a healthier lifestyle. As we all know, health is the greatest treasure above all treasures. So, it’s important to keep your treasure safe and sound. Our vision is to guide you throughout the whole way to carry a healthier lifestyle. We want you to have proper guidelines about staying healthy and happy.

We understand the value of workouts and fitness training. It’s a must for living a sound life. People who do follow an active lifestyle live more than others ones. Our goal is to show you the right pathway to a healthy living standard. We also want to introduce you to the proper essentials regarding fitness and lifestyle.

We have a team of some great people. They are very conscious about their fitness and essential gear. We have fitness experts, gym enthusiasts, lifestyle experts, and also dieticians. We have been together for a certain time and thought of spreading our potential among the people. The thought of making lives healthy and fit led us to create this platform. If you get help from our blogs, we will consider it our success.

Hello, I am Muhammad Tanvir Hyder Chowdhury the editor of Outlook idea. Let me introduce my team who help me build up this platform for you:

Justin Calvin

You can call me a “fitness freak”. Gym is my dream and I have achieved it successfully. I love to work out and guide people in their workouts. In my profession, I am a gym trainer. I also have expertise in healthy diets. When I came to know diet and gym are enter-connected, I went on to achieve a degree in healthy diet.

I am from Orlando, Florida. In our team, my first task is researching. My topic of research is workout and healthy diet for a sound lifestyle.

The gym is not only my profession, but it’s also my hobby. To fulfill my passion, I do a lot of research on the gym and gym-related fundamentals. On this platform, I am gonna spread it among you.

In our blog, I will build up a research-based database. In that database, there will be information about workouts, diets, gym, and outdoor essentials. Besides buying guides, I will be helping you with some product reviews. Those will be based on my vast experience with them for sure.

Our team relies on me and my research as well. I hope my experience and research will be helpful for our readers.

Olivia Palermo

Hello readers! I am Olivia Palermo and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. In profession, I am a fashion expert in Atlanta. I have a wide experience in fashion and gym wear as it is my working field for a few years.

My hobby and passion are yoga. I am a certified yoga trainer and I organize yoga classes on weekends. I joined our team a year ago and since then, I am trying to give my best effort to make this blog successful.

I also love to do paintings. Besides these, I also love to plan events and projects. I have knowledge of fashion wear and gym wear. I always wanted to bring fashion into gym accessories. I have tried a lot of tops, leggings, and socks before writing about them. My team members think I love to try on new clothes! And that’s not wrong at all!

You will see the reflection of my hard work and research on yoga and workout clothes in my articles. I will be describing my personal opinion on some informative articles. Also, you will see my expert reviews in some of the product review articles as I have tried them on my own.